A National Workshop On
Smart Micro-Grids for Autonomous Zero-Net Energy Buildings

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IIT Mandi Campus

Scope of Workshop

The workshop's objective is to enhance the knowledge of the participants in the area of the "Smart Micro-Grids for Autonomous Zero-Net Energy Buildings". A unique, national level opportunity which delves into the high-level, strategic issues relating to the integration of renewable energy and examines practical strategies that energy generators, project developers, and grid operators can implement to overcome obstacles posed by local planning schemes and regulations, and, importantly, do it in an intelligent, cost-efficient and timely way. The workshop will provide a platform to an in-depth discussion on the various challenges and their possible remedies which will benefit participants from academic and R&D institutions, engineers of utilities and policy makers.

Successful implementation of Smart Micro-Grid calls for diversified technologies and expertise from various disciplines. A workshop with focus on researches such as the one proposed will enrich the technological repertoire of the research community in the country. As the leading researchers from the country are being invited, the workshop is expected to result in a well-defined road-map for the development and deployment of smart micro-grids in India.