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Featured Faculty
Dr. Bhakti Madhav Joshi
AC drives and control
Dr. Chayan K. Nandi
Physical Chemistry
Dr. P. Anil Kishan
Computational Fluid Dynamics

The members of the Faculty of IIT Mandi are engaged in a wide range of activities besides substantial academic and research commitments. Faculty members contribute significantly to the country's growth in science and technology as a leader in science and technology education, knowledge creation and innovation, in an India marching towards a just, inclusive and sustainable society.

At IIT Mandi, Faculty members inculcate a spirit of entrepreneurship and impart the ability to devise globally recognized solutions for the problems of society and industry, particularly in the fragile eco-system of the Himalayas.

Faculty members work intensely with industry in pursuit of the excellence in education and research, leading to the development of cutting edge and commercially-viable technologies.

A highly motivated staff support the institute's general administration, teaching and research. IIT Mandi provides almost flat organisational environment and work culture for both its Faculty and staff.