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Patent filed by Dr. O. P. Singh and students, School of Engineering
October 27, 2014 04:54PM
Dr. O. P. Singh along with two students Shaik Moiz Ahmed and M. Abhilash of mechanical engineering filed the patent entltiled, “Dye Sensitized Solar Panels by an aerosol jet 3D printing mechanism”.

The present invention is directed to delineate an apparatus as well as a method of printing Dye Sensitized Solar Panels (DSSC solar panels) by utilizing the 3D printing technique. This printing technique utilizes a pumping mechanism attached to the carriage which pumps the TiO2 solution on the conductive glass plate by an aerosol jet printing mechanism. After the sequential printing of the solution on the conductive glass plate the glass plate is heated which automatically turn on after the completion of the desired printing method. The system can not only print the material required for the production of solar panels but also print different chemically synthesized nanoparticles and micro particles solutions for various other energy and power applications, due to the small size and weight of the printing system it can be graded as a portable system that can function across different demographical and geographical conditions across the globe.
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