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Kamand Campus
May 12, 2011 12:19PM
The Ministry of Environment & Forests approved the transfer of 307 (124.61 ha) acres of forest land to IIT Mandi on 9th May 2011. This land is added to the 200 acres of Animal Husbandry land already leased to IIT Mandi for 99-years. see the link below :


With this diversion of land IIT Mandi will have more than 500 acres of land.

Chandan (PRC)
Re: Kamand Campus
August 19, 2011 12:03PM

In May, after a several-month long selection process that attracted contenders from India and abroad, IIT Mandi appointed M/s BDP Consultants to develop the master plan of the campus and detailed design of Phase 1. Phase 1 will cater to about 1,500 students, with a floor area of about 80,000-1,25,000 sqm. This includes classrooms, labs, hostels, residences, admin, etc.
See [www.bdp.com]

The construction will be managed by CPWD, a Central Govt agency. They will sub-contract it to large (private) construction companies. To ensure quality, timeliness and adherence to the architects' design and vision, IIT will monitor the work on a weekly basis. One of the advantages of using CPWD is that they take the full responsibility for obtaining statutory clearances and dealing with the Central Audit and Vigilance Commission (CAG and CVC). In a project worth Rs. 200-300 crores, these procedural hurdles require substantial effort which IIT Mandi cannot handle with its very limited staff.

For subsequent Phases, the design and construction may be entrusted to the same or other consultants and agencies.

Re: Kamand Campus
October 17, 2011 04:41PM

On 14th October, the Board of Governors approved the Master Plan for the Kamand campus and gave financial approval for the construction of Phase I to cater to about 1,500 students. Construction of Phase 1 South, clustered around the renovated workshop and labs, is expected to start in 2 months. This will have hostels, lecture halls, labs, faculty offices, residences and sports fields to cater to 150 students. It will be complete by June 2012 so that one batch of BTech students and some MS/PhD scholars will shift to Kamand in July 2012. Although we will use prefab technology (steel structures with factory-made wall and roof panels), these will be permanent buildings. The design and locations of these buildings conforms to the Master Plan and has the look of the Himachal vernacular.

Construction of Phase 1 North will start in 3-4 months and the first buildings will be complete by the first half of 2013. The total gross floor area of Phase 1 is 125,000 sqm for 1,500 students, 150 faculty, about 300 technical and admin staff, etc. This will accommodate the Institute until about 2016.

Re: Kamand Campus -- Master Plan
October 18, 2011 02:04PM
The Uhl River is along the lower right side. The Khataula ka Khad flows from the top (north) down to join the Uhl.

The first stage of construction will take place in the South Campus, from December 2011 to June 2012. It will accommodate 150 students. The black buildings were inherited from the Animal Husbandry Department. They are being renovated to form a workshop, labs and residences.

The second stage of construction will take place in the North Campus, from January 2012 to December 2014. It will cater to 1,500 students.

Re: Kamand Campus development started
April 03, 2012 07:36AM
An update on the Kamand developments. The renovation of the existing buildings is underway, the Workshop is operational and other buildings for residences and offices will be ready by the end of May onwards.

Meanwhile, on 30th March, CPWD awarded the contract for construction of 10,000 sqm of new buildings to M/s Ahluwalia Contracts (Gurgaon). The work is expected to start by mid-April and the first few buildings handed over to us by July 2012 just in time for the next semester. A total of 11 new buildings are planned, including hostels, a dining hall, 3 academic blocks and some faculty/staff residences all surrounding cricket, football/hockey, basketball, etc fields. The buildings use steel frame construction with pre-engineering walls and flooring for fast construction. They are up to 3 stories high.


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