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Scientists, Engineers and Clinicians explore the coming of nanobiotechnology at IIT Mandi

Posted by chandan 
At the National Symposium on Nanobiotechnology held at IIT Mandi on June 1 and 2, 2012, the future of medicine and medical research prominently featured “nanobiotechnology” – new technology for biology and medicine that works at the nanoscale, creating and manipulating materials only billionths of a meter in size, to do revolutionary new medical work at the cellular and sub-cellular level. Extensions to other fields such as agriculture and food technology were also highlighted.
Invited experts from major universities and research institutes regionally (NIPER, IHBT, HPKV) as well as nationally (AIIMS, Jamia Millia Islamia, AMU, BHU, IISER Pune and IISER Bhopal, DRDO, NPL) delivered state-of-the-art lectures on topics on nanotechnology and related to biology, medicine and agriculture. Specifically, talks centered around the three symposium themes: bioscaffolds/tissue engineering; drug delivery and targeting; bionano interfaces. The symposium began with a pre-conference tutorial for those new to the field, arranged by IIT Mandi faculty and NIPER Mohali. Prof Rajesh Malhotra (MD), AIIMS gave a fascinating talk on the use of nanotechnology in orthopedics. Concluding the technical and poster sessions a panel discussion on practical applications by pharma, clinicians and agricultural experts summed up the roadmap for this emerging field, especially with respect to Himachal Pradesh. Over 120 participants attended this scientific event. Students presented sixty posters on their research in nanotechnology. A significant conclusion to the event was the collective decision of attendees to establish a Bionanotechnology Society with the secretariat located at IIT Mandi. One of the future charges of this society would be to establish a working committee of experts to develop guidelines for safety in nanoscale research and development and ensuing commercial products. A quarterly bulletin will also be released shortly summarizing the achievements of the NSNT.
The Symposium was inaugurated by Chief Guest Dr S. K. Sharma, Vice Chancellor HPKV Palampur. It is noteworthy that a large contingent of faculty, scientists and students from HPKV also were present and participated through invited talks and posters. It was decided that collaborations between IIT Mandi and HPKV will be given priority under the ICAR 12th five year Rs. 1000 crore plan on applications of nanotechnology in agriculture, veterinary and food technology. Another highlight was the focus on the Himalayan region by Dr Sanjay Kumar from IHBT Palampur. Dr Kotnala from NPL Delhi provided guidelines on the role of ethics in this emerging field.
Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Timothy A. Gonsalves, Director IIT Mandi outlined the strengths and vision of IIT Mandi. From the same platform, he invited all institutions in the region for collaborative research with IIT Mandi. The Guest of Honor was Dr Muraleedharan, Director of Materials at DRDO HQR, New Delhi. He provided the wide canvas of nanotechnology applications and future requirements in defence and civil, such as nanobiosensors, drug delivery, medical imaging. Applications in plant technology at high altitudes were also highlighted. Potential collaborations between IIT Mandi and DRDO in nanotechnology were discussed and planned. Vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. R.C. Sawhney, Registrar IIT Mandi and Co-convenor of the symposium.
According to the convenor of NSNT, Visiting Distinguished Professor Dr. Kenneth Gonsalves (from UNC USA) at IITMandi, the symposium was highly successful on all counts: the level of participation nationally from all over India; the high caliber of presentations; the mentoring of young scientists who provided a significant number of invited talks and chaired sessions; the exceptional number and quality of student posters and overall the exchange of ideas between all the participants. It should also be highlighted that the young faculty of IIT Mandi played a major role in organizing the event as well as providing intellectual content through presentations - Dr Chayan Nandi, Dr Prem Felix Siril, Dr Niraj Sinha and Dr Subrata Ghosh. “Overall all the main objectives of symposium were accomplished and we look forward to an International Symposium on a related theme cosponsored by IIT Mandi and other partners in 2013/2014. The enthusiasm is so intense that initial preparations have already begun”, according to Dr Kenneth Gonsalves.

Coverage for the event was provided by Tribune as well as other print media and featured on Doordarshan and telecast in HP.

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