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Dr. Tulika Prakash Srivastava joins IIT Mandi

Posted by chandan 
Dr. Tulika Prakash Srivastava joins IIT Mandi
August 14, 2012 12:15PM
Dr. Tulika Prakash Srivastava did her Bachelors from Miranda House, Delhi University and Masters from IIT Kanpur in Chemistry. She got an excellent exposure to computational methods and their applications in biology during her stay at IIT Kanpur. And because of her interest in biochemistry, she opted for biochemistry related project for her M.Sc. dissertation. Continuing her interest in Biology and Computers, she shifted to Bioinformatics during PhD (2000 – 2005), which she did from the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, CSIR, Delhi. Dr. Tulika extensively worked on the functional analysis of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes during PhD. The first draft of human genome sequence was published just when she started PhD. That data gave her an excellent opportunity to apply bioinformatics approaches for annotating human genes using their functional and structural properties. She went to Japan and worked at RIKEN for four years as Postdoctoral Researcher and two years as a Research Scientist in Systems Biology and Metagenomics. Working at RIKEN gave her excellent exposure to the cutting edge research going on in some very exciting areas of biotechnology such as biofuel, environmental science, human health, etc. Among all the projects going on in the lab in RIKEN, she focused on genome sequencing and analysis of novel microbes with unique features which make them useful for human health and environmental issues and metagenomic analysis of different environments. Some of the activities that she enjoys doing in her free time include painting and drawing sketches, photography, reading, playing badminton and table tennis.

(Public Relation Consultant)
Phone no. 9418053066
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