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New Year 2012 Message

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New Year 2012 Message
January 03, 2012 02:35PM

The past year has seen IIT Mandi grow from a stumbling fledgling to a robust, fully-functional Institute, thanks to yeoman efforts by one and all.  Faculty are making a mark with some very good teaching, and with research both theoretical and experimental done completely in Mandi.  They have established contacts with renowned universities, especially the TU9 in Germany.  Students have taken the initiative to do well in academic and extra-curricular activities. All this has been supported by dedicated staff often working beyond the call of duty.

We have processes and systems in place for many academic, student and administration activities.  A year ago, with a smaller population and much less activity, many matters, even routine ones, came to me for a decision.  Now, despite a much higher level of activity, the number of decisions I have to take has come down markedly.

Of course, we are still barely an adolescent.  We have a long way to go before IIT Mandi is truly a world-class Institute.  We will continue to suffer the joys and pains of growth for years to come.

To progress towards the vision of IIT Mandi: "To be a leader in science and technology education, knowledge creation and innovation, in an India marching towards a just, inclusive and sustainable society", we have set some goals for the Year 2012:
* To fill the gaps in the faculty, especially in the engineering disciplines, and in the non-teaching staff

* To have the 1st PhD Fellowship holder
* To have the 1st MS scholar graduated

* To have labs for all core courses and many electives
* To have our unique BTech Curriculum completely defined and in operation
* To have at least 14 girls join BTech in July 2012 (currently, there are 8 out of 120 in each year)
* To have at least 50 students with job offers in hand (placement interviews for our first batch of 98 will start on 1/12/2012)
* To win our 1st medals in the Inter-IIT Sports Meets (we reached the quarter-finals in several events in 2011)

* To have the 1st technology company setting up in Mandi in association with IIT
* To have the 1st project achieving impact in Himachal
* To complete some research that has a global impact
* To have Rs. 6 crores of sponsored projects in hand, at least Rs. 1 crore being from private industry (currently, Rs. 1.1 crores and Rs. 6 lakhs respectively)
* To have a Corpus Fund of Rs. 1 crore (currently, Rs. 4 lakhs)
* To have at least 50 good quality international publications appear during the year (currently, about 35)
* To file the 1st patent from IIT Mandi

* To be the 1st new IIT to start academic activity in its permanent campus
* To have a fully residential campus with 150 students and associated faculty and staff living and working in Kamand, including the Director with wife and dog Rusty

* * * and last but not least, to achieve something unusual that we cannot even think of now! * * *

I look forward with optimism to achieving and exceeding these goals, with the help and support of the Friends of IIT Mandi.

I wish that the New Year is overflowing with happiness and personal fulfillment for you.

                With warm regards
              Prof. Timothy A. Gonsalves
Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi
Mandi - 175 001               
Himachal Pradesh, India           
Phone: +91-1905-237-731 (o) -732 (r)   
E-mail: director@iitmandi.ac.in  Web: [www.iitmandi.ac.in]
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