Guidance and Counselling Service

B.Tech Orientation 2019

Important dates

Hostel admission 24th July
9 AM onwards at B19 Hostel, North campus
Date and Time for Registration/Orientation25th July, 2019
9 AM onwards at Auditorium, North Campus
Five Week Induction Program (5WIP) Classes begin from26th July
9 AM onwards

Students are required to stay back on campus after reporting. Please note that it is compulsory for all freshmen to attend the activities related to Five week Induction program (5WIP). Accompanying persons may book IIT Mandi guest house (click here) or look for alternatives in Mandi town. There are several hotels in Mandi town (Hotels Information) and parents are requested to make their own arrangements. Parents are discouraged from staying back after 25th July.

Detailed schedule of admission process and timetable of 5WIP will be handed over to candidates upon arrival. Staff and student volunteers would be around to guide the candidates through the admission process.


Please check the IIT Mandi offer letter (click here) for details on fee structure and documents to be brought for admission.

Useful items to bring:

  • 1. Vendors will be arranged for the sale of mattresses, pillows, pillow covers, bed sheets, buckets, mugs, locks, curtains and other hostel necessities. You may bring the above mentioned items on your own, or you can purchase directly from the vendors. Vendors with different price range will be available.
  • 2. Laptop: Immaterial of the branch you are in, you would need access to computer for doing assignments and course work. It would be good if you can bring your own laptop, but in case you are not able to, you can always go to the PC lab. For students taking education loan, purchase of laptop is included in the loan agreement by most banks.
  • 3. Sports shoe and t-shirts and shorts or track suit for physical activities during 5WIP.
  • 4. Non Marking shoes: If you would like to play badminton, non marking shoes are a must to use our indoor courts. Though these are available in Mandi, it would be easier if you bring from home.
  • 5. Swimming costume: There is a swimming pool on campus and you would have session as part of 5WIP. No entry to the pool without swimming costume!
  • 6. Formal and informal clothes, Umbrella/raincoat, alarm clock, scientific calculator etc.
  • 7. Warm clothing, quilt/blanket will be required by October.
  • 8. Counters will be opened to facilitate the opening of new bank account and purchase of sim cards for mobile phones. IIT Mandi will issue a certificate which will suffice as identity and residence proof.
  • 9. Do not bring any high power consuming electric items like electric cooker, water heater etc. They are fire hazards and are strictly prohibited in the hostels.

  • Education Loan:

    IIT-Mandi does not have tie-up with any institution providing education loan. Representatives of two banks associated with IIT-Mandi, SBI and PNB will be present on campus to provide information and issue loan on the spot.

    As per the information received from the bank representatives, these are the documents you will require to apply for education loan. Please check with the concerned banks for more details.

    • Two photographs each of student and parent
    • PAN card of student and parent
    • Copy of admission letter
    • Fee structure of the institute
    • Copies of X, XII certificates
    • Proof of residential address ( Aadhaar, driving license etc)
    • Proof of parent's income
    • Receipt of fee already paid
    • Affidavit on stamp paper signed by parent and student that no other education loan has been taken.
    • For salaried parent form-16 of last two years and for non-salaried parents IT return on last 3 years signed by IT department.