Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

Improve infrastructural accessibility for disbaled people in academic institutes

The general perception of India in the matter of disable-friendliness is not very flattering. This view extends from a common citizen to an avid traveller who will happily acknowledge of either experiencing or knowing a fellow traveller (with disability) who had a harrowing experience in our upcoming nation. In the wake of the recent uncalled incidents in its capital, India needs to make more diligent efforts to establish an ecosystem that not just portrays but also promotes it as an up and rising superpower whose core values stress on quality of life for everyone irrespective of their gender, disability, race, creed, religion et al. Through the medium of this project, we hope to promote awareness as to how small (not to mention inexpensive) architectural tweaks and provisions can make life much of people with disabilities (who might be either inhabiting or accessing the building under consideration) much simpler and easier. The basic regions under consideration would be Mandi city and IIT’s Kamand campus. Disability is not region specific as such, but we believe that since Mandi is a hill town, the requirement for such provisions and tweaks is comparatively more.

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