Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

Himachal Bus Tracking Solution

Currently there is no synchronization and time keeping of buses, which we will be focusing on in the first phase of the proposal. It works on ad hoc prediction of time which may have errors ranging to more than an hour. The absence of portals such as online tracking and SMS querying leads to a colossal waste of time for the citizens. The cities and towns of Himachal are such that early notification systems are enough to enable a person to reach the bus stand on time which makes our solution very feasible for the proposed problem. Also with no tracking systems there is no way to track breakdowns and send relief.

Future Work and Enhancements
This system can be scaled both horizontally and vertically. Horizontal: The same system can be employed for other vehicles such as cabs, mini busses etc. It may also enable the state department to run highly coordinated passenger based taxi services. Vertical: Its not only constrained by the state but can be applied in part of the country or world for that matter.

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