Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

Human understanding of climate change

Students: Sachin S. Bhat, Shiva Teja Reddy, Umang Jain, Rajashekar Reddy, Saurabh Jain;
Mentor: Dr. Varun Dutt

Human understanding of climate change in the Mandi District Recent evidence from the developing world shows presence of widespread misconceptions among people in their understanding of climate change. For example, people tend to see no difference between basic concepts like weather and climate, ozone hole and CO2 accumulation etc. Research has showcased that a strong reason for people's current wait-and-see policies on climate change are linked to these misconceptions. In this project, students will visit 2-3 townships in the Mandi district and, using the survey methodology, evaluate the prevalence of existing misconceptions on climate change. Also, based upon the findings, students will devise simple interventions that educate people and help reduce their misconceptions.