Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

Facelifting Mandi: Garbage disposal in Mandi town

Students: Jyoti Lakra, Vishnu Priyanka, Saket Panwar, Gnaneshwar Reddy, Bhupesh Kumar ;
Mentor: Dr. Arti Kashyap

The presence of an efficient system for garbage disposal is a prerequisite for a properly functioning city/town, along with a good sewage system, electricity distribution system, water connection etc. The challenges involved in setting up a system for garbage disposal are vastly different from the challenges involved in distributing electricity or supplying water. For one, knowing how to dispose of garbage is still a pressing issue. In this project, we focus on another challenge: how to collect generated garbage periodically from within the city. The problems mentioned above get harder as we move from the plains to hilly regions. In this project, we want to understand the problem of garbage accumulation at public places in and around Mandi Town. Intuitively, one might say that the reason for garbage accumulation is due to inefficient disposal scheme.

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