Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

Research into the Delivery of Gas Cylinders to Remote Villages

Students: Sawan Meena, Mahendra Singh, Bhagawan Sahay Meena, Ashok Kumar ;
Mentor: Dr. Tulika Srivatsava

In this project our focus was mainly to find out the various forces behind not using LPG and what are the various problems faced by people by not using cylinder. Firstly we found that financial conditions of these peoples are not good enough to buy cylinder. As to overcome financial problem we suggest so many small scale handicraft employment to rural people that is mentioned in report. Secondly we found that majority of women are suffering from health related problems like eye and respiration problem due to more access to smoke. So we have provided some alternative methods as to prevent from smoke like proper ventilations ,use of charcoal etc. thirdly we focused on transportation problem in rural area but as we come to know that majority of villages are well connected by roads so transportation problem is decreasing nowadays. Problem related to carry cylinder on height is solved by reducing size of cylinders up to 5kg. If some time it is required to carry cylinders in bulk with no roads than we can use pulleys.

Please download report or poster for more details