Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

Mountain Road Maintenance: Are there any Low-Cost Solution?

Students: Rohit Kanaujia, Tejas Lunawat, Sourabh Singh, Shreevardhan Damani ;
Mentor: Dr. A. Chakraborty

How to best deal with a road depends only on its original construction, soil property, climate, traffic and many other known as well as unknown factors. General expectation is that all roads share at least few aspects common. Studies suggest that the root of the major problem is usually on the road's inability to handle water! So the solution has to be “Drainage”. The key to good drainage is to cooperate with nature, not try to work against it. So the aim here is to understand the natural drainage patterns of the landscape around a particular road and accommodate the water flow. The most easy thing one can do is to encourage proper drainage on roads located on gentle terrain is to make sure that the road has a ‘’crown’’ — that it is higher at the center than at its sides — so water will drain to ditches, or sheet off onto the surrounding landscape — and not stay on the road.

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