Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

Opportunities and challenges for industries at IIT Mandi

Students: Rahul Raj, Mandar Karpe, Vinit Pardhi, Anurag Rawat;
Mentor: Dr. O. P. Singh

IIT Mandi is going to setup a research park, wherein many industries will be able collaborate with IIT Mandi faculty and students on various research projects. Unlike other IITs, IIT Mandi presents unique opportunities, of course with challenges, to various industries since it is located in the complex terrain of Himachal Pradesh. Hence, setting up a research park keeping in mind the kind of industries suited most for the such locations would be an ideal proposition for the both the parities. Hence, a preliminary research needs to be done.Students working in this project got exposure to government policies, meeting various industry and government officials. Their findings were directly useful and implementable at policy level.

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