Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

Reasons for lack of Technical Education in Himachal

Students: Sachin Tyagi, Suramya Gupta, Sahil Mutneja, Shubham, V. Siva Chetan Reddy;
Mentor: Dr. Ramna Thakur

Higher education is necessary for the development of the country. Lack of higher education leads to lack of innovative minds thereby hampering the country's overall growth. The status of students pursuing higher education in India is abysmal. Just 3.7% of the males and 1.6% of the females complete graduation in the rural areas. The states of Himachal Pradesh, predominantly a rural area itself lie somewhat in this range. Measures need to be taken both by the government and the people themselves to promoting quality technical education which is a necessary step for improving the standard of living of people, development of technology and the overall development of the nation.

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