Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

Mitigating winter-related problems in the Himachal area

Students: Akshay Sharma, Shubham Ajmera, Chinmay Krishna, Bala Vineeth Netha, Nagarjuna Pamu ;
Mentor: Dr. Rajeshwari Dutt

The harsh winter in the region means that remote areas of Himachal such as Lahaul-Spiti get disconnected from the rest of the area due to snow. Heavy snowfall cuts off thesearea from Himachal during the winter season and communication with the outside world becomes crucially affected. During the winter months it can take almost two months for postal mail to reach remote areas. Communication is also affected because during these winter months with mobile phones and internet lines not being able to cope with the harsh weather. ISTP students could explore how seasonal variations affect communities in these regions and could offer innovative solutions to problems arising due to this seasonal isolation. Students would assess the impact of winter on essential services such as health and communications and come up with recommendations on technological and social solutions to this pressing problem.