Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

Survey of natural water sources around Mandi and to study the possibility of having water reservoirs

Students: Sachin, Navneet Yadav, Kalu Ram Meena, Kishore Bohara ;
Mentor: Dr. Vishal Chauhan

This project gives an important water issue that villagers are facing wa- ter supply. In 2007, a drought destroyed the harvest of local farmers. Due to the drought, farmers did not even have drinking water for days and the gov- ernment has failed to provide any help. A project like this could solve the im- pacts of unwanted natural disasters, and increase the reliability of the water supply for the community. This project will be able to supply water to these hilly areas especially in times of drought. Here most of the people use rainwa- ter for irrigation and for domestic purposes. We can store rainwater in a tank and purify this stored water and use for drinking purposes.

Our project will improve the lives of people particularly those situated in locations at higher altitudes by supplying the water. We think that this scheme may not be used for continuous supply of water but it does provide a certain level of safety and assure that even during extreme weather the lives of the people will be secured. This scheme will help to villagers and farmers of Himachal Pradesh and other states those have many sources of rainwater.