Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

Assessment of Health, Hygiene and Nutritional status of Migrant Laborers

Students: Apoorva Bhatia, Priya Agarwal, Anjaly Mehla, Nidhi M. Makhijani, Neena Eare;
Mentor: Dr. Ramna Thakur

With the increasing inflow of migrant laborers in Himachal Pradesh for road developments, construction work, shop keeping, tourism and domestic help etc., their living conditions, health, hygiene and nutritional status is decreasing. There is a wide scope in the study of their conditions and improvement in the same.

In our literature review, we found that in India there is a predominant trend of migration of laborers, especially for construction activities. There have been studies regarding the poor health and hygienic status of the migrant workers but rarely any study has focused upon Himachal Pradesh in particular. The literature review has provided a strong background to proceed with the study of their health and nutritional status to propose solutions to the migrant workers to improve their living conditions.