Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

Problems and Prospects of Tourism in Himachal Pradesh

Students: Ankit Gautam, Kajal Meena, Yogesh Jain, Sumanth Cherukuri, Abhishek Badhwan, Milan Gupta.
Mentor: Dr. Bharat Rajpurohit

This project investigated transportation problems faced by tourists in Himachal Pradesh. The goal was to assess the feasibility of developing a technological innovation that could improve the experience of tourists and tourism operators in Himachal Pradesh. We identified the needs of all the stakeholders, including tourists, taxi drivers, travel agents, and hotel operators. On evaluation of the data, we determined that an app could likely to enhance tourism potential in Himachal Pradesh.

Project Outcomes

The problem intensity experienced by tourists differs depending on various factors influencing tour environment and demographic conditions. Also, the problem intensity differs significantly based on respondents’ state such as gender, age, nationality, education, profession, income, geographical location, family size and frequency of tour made.
A possible solution is to build an app which have features such as sharing fares with other passengers so that this may cost less to the passengers and to provide the tourists information about visiting places, hotels, and adventurous activities. Further for security of passengers we thought of having a send status button in the app to send real time location and other data to the reliable contacts in case if the person feels trouble. We also thought to implement panic button in taxis to handle any such situation. Further we can have a travelling card so that the person pay one time and enjoy riding in any government vehicle for the limited time which will obviously cost less to the passenger.

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