Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

Feasibility of Community-Based Businesses in Kamand Valley

Students:Andrej Samardzic, Brittany Mowe, Sarah Rose Gabor, Paramjit Kainth, Shreya Tangri, Mohit Sharma.
Mentors: Dr. Jaspreet Kaur, Dr. P.T. Gonsalves.

Community-based businesses (CBBs) are important in developing rural areas. This project evaluated the feasibility of CBB’s in Northern India’ Kamand valley. Through interviews with fifty-seven respondents, we obtained information on resources, interest in participating in a CBB, and products purchased in the market. Our findings indicated potential for the development of a CBB in the Kamand valley, and an assortment of products. Recommendations are made for two prospective CBB’s: producing soap made from soapnuts, and creating hand woven products.

Project Outcomes

We have two short and two long-term recommendations that can promote the development of CBBs in the Kamand Valley.
Short Term:

  1. Develop a customized business plan with one resident to pilot and model a CBB startup.
  2. Create a Valley-based CBB guide that will outline identified products, startup costs, production costs, and estimated profits; as well as other materials to jumpstart CBB planning.
Long Term:
  1. Ehance government-village cooperation around schemes covered by the NRLM
  2. Re-analyze potential for a weaving-based CBB

Please download executive summary, report and poster for more details