Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

Improving Agricultural Practices in Farm Lands in Mandi by Technological Intervention

Students: Amanda Konieczny, Sammy Neeno, Cody Slater, Prashant Kumar, Sakshama Ghoslya.
Mentors: Dr. Venkata Krishnan, Dr. Rajeev Kumar

Agriculture is the primary occupation in Himachal Pradesh, yet farming implements have not modernized alongside national trends. IIT Mandi students have been developing prototypes that can alleviate regional cultivation challenges. Our project documented existing agricultural practices, challenges, and perspectives on technology in order to develop a collaborative process for students to design devices that suit local needs. We tested our appropriate technology rubric to develop a seed planter and irrigation system for terraced farms.

Project Outcomes

Our research resulted in two key project outcomes:

  1. A set of curricular recommendations that can enable students to work with an appropriate technology rubric for innovation in small villages, and
  2. A case study of two agricultural prototypes that we used to test our own program.

Please download executive summary, report and poster for more details.