Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

Improving Healthcare Coordination in the Mandi District

Students: Gopal Krishan Aggarwal, IIT; Edward Dring, WPI; Naman Gupta, IIT; Victoria Johnson, WPI; Jacob Maalouf, WPI.
Advisors: Dr. Varun Dutt, IIT; Dr. Stephen McCauley, WPI; Dr. Padmanaban Rajan, IIT; Dr. Ingrid Shockey, WPI

Rural healthcare workers in the Mandi District face unique challenges in providing quality care due to mountainous terrain and lack of supplies. This project evaluated the existing system of communication between health centers and identi ied areas in which the system could be improved to mitigate the effects of these challenges. We recommended a new system for medical stock requests and deliveries which could decrease delays by up to ifteen days and ultimately improve the quality of care for patients.

Project Outcomes

Our findings indicated that insuficiencies in the communication system between health centers create a burden for health workers, ultimately detracting from the quality of patient care. To address these issues, we developed a number of recommendations for the government and the District Program Officer that will streamline the process of restocking medical supplies. These recommendations are based around the adoption of a system we developed to reduce delays in notifying the Zonal Hospital of stock needs, coupled with future improvements to the system.

The source code for the project prototype (Vsis) is located at the following link: Vsis
Please download executive summary, report and poster for more details