Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

Improving Water Quality Treatment and Monitoring Techniques in Rural Himachal Pradesh Villages

Students: Amod Choudhary, IIT; Rishabh Kumar, IIT; Kent Fong, WPI; Evelyn Grainger, WPI; Randy Melanson, WPI; Daniel Salisbury, WPI
Advisors: Dr. Aditi Halder, IIT; Dr. Ramna Thakur, IIT Professor Fabio Carrera, WPI; Professor Svetlana Nikitina, WPI

The goal of our project was to assess water quality, monitoring, and treatment methods in rural Himachal Pradesh villages. To realize this goal we assessed local perceptions and behaviors regarding drinking water. We then investigated the relationship between local water quality and regional health. Finally, we assessed the levels of water contamination. This project resulted in recommendations to revise current water quality monitoring, a public awareness prototype to increase accessibility of water quality data, and a water treatment prototype that aims to improve water quality within two villages.

Project Outcomes

The results of our seven-week study indicate a community dependence on drinking water that is not treated or monitored. This conclusion is based upon our findings of:

  • Village dependence on untreated natural water
  • Failure of the government to monitor untreated natural sources.
  • Natural sources have significant levels of bacteriological contamination.
  • Lack regular water treatment practices
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