Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

The Footpath of Gods, Designating a Recreational Walkway for Pedestrians in order to Promote the Quality of Life and Provide a Connectivity of Temples in Mandi Town

Students: Sanjay Kumar, IIT; Sandeep Singh, IIT; Madison Beck, WPI; Susannah Gray,WPI; Alima Kargbo, WPI.
Advisors: Dr. Bharat Singh Rajurohit, IIT; Dr. Dericks P.Shukla, IIT; Professor Fabio Carrera, WPI; Professor Svetlana Nikitina, WPI.

Automobiles, autorickshaws, mopeds and other modes of trans- portation cause congestion and pollution along popular routes beside the Beas and Suketi rivers of Mandi town, and the overcrowding makes pedestrian mobility difficult. In this project, we recommended the preliminary design of a circular recreational walkway which could promote the health of local people and provide a means of navigating the network of temples within Mandi.

Project Outcomes

We have developed two models from SolidWorks to propose a preliminary design of the walkway based off of information gathered from surveys, interviews and observations of the Beas and Suketi River. Figure 8 shows a model of the recreational walkway by the Victoria Bridge, while figure 9 depicts a model of the recreational walkway by the Bhuili bridge (The appearance of benches and lights used in these images are subject to change based on what appeals most to the people of Mandi and the Municipal Council).

Please download report for more details