Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

Knowledge, Awareness, and Disaster Management Techniques Against Earthquakes in Mandi and Kullu Districts of Himachal

Students: Shikhar Shukla, IIT; Lovedeep Singh, IIT; Kunal Gour, IIT; Nitesh Bansiwal, IIT.
Advisors: Dr. Varun Dutt, IIT; Dr. Kala Venkata Uday, IIT; Professor Fabio Carrera, WPI; Professor Svetlana Nikitina, WPI.

The Himachal zone experiences tremors and minor earthquakes frequently. There are also precedence of some major earthquakes in the past. Our goal in this project was to assess public knowledge and awareness regarding earthquakes and related emergency measures and to propose technical solutions to preand post-disaster problems. The assessment revealed that there is a major lack of awareness in the general public of Himachal Pradesh regarding disaster management. Based on our analysis, we designed a pair mobile applications for spreading awareness and a mechatronic model to aid in rescue postoccurrence.

Project Outcomes

From the analysis of our results, we identified three main problems with current conditions: lack of education regarding earthquakes, shortcomings with implementation of norms for construction, and lack of any warning and rescue system. To address these shortcomings, we have a recommendation and two prototypes that can be implemented to improve the current condition.

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