NKN: Electronic Classrooms

About National Knowledge Network

The objective of the National Knowledge Network (NKN) is to bring together all the stakeholders in Science, Technology, Higher Education, Research & Development and Governance. The NKN is a revolutionary state-of-the-art multi-gigabit pan-Indian resource-sharing network aimed at digitally connecting all national universities, colleges and research establishments to create country-wide virtual classrooms. Network will consist of an ultra-high speed Core (multiples of 10Gbps and upwards), and over 1500 nodes. It is scalable to higher speed and more nodes also. The Core shall be complemented with a distribution layer at appropriate speeds. The participating institutions can directly or through distribution layer connect to the National Knowledge Network at speeds of 100 Mbps /1 Gbps. The infrastructure bandwidth will facilitate high speed classroom sessions. The facility can be used to transmit satellite television programmes also. With just 4 megabit connectivity an institution can simultaneously conduct up to 250 classroom sessions. For more information about NKN (click here)

      At IIT Mandi, one such electronic classroom has been created (under the project: 'NKN Electronic Classroom' sponsored by NICSI) and facilities are being efficiently used to hold interactive classes, meetings and seminars.

Virtual Classroom Portal

      Virtual Classroom is a wonderful application for E-Learning with over Digital Network of National Informatics Centre, Ministry of communication & IT, Govt. of India. It supports Educational Institution in better mentoring for the remote learning. The infrastructure facilitates quality education and research at national level interconnecting premier institutions and students removing state and district boundaries. The Faculty can do an interactive Lecture. Student can participate live during the course of the session from a remote site.

      One may easily get information about following facilities from Virtual Classroom Portal :-

  • Upcoming events
  • Upcoming Webcasts
  • Courses offered and requested
  • Videos and media clips
  • Contact details of all institute from directory
  • Helpdesk Details and contact Numbers

  • For More details about VCR portal, please click here

Some Important Details

  • Contact and Help-Desk VC IP number for IIT Mandi Virtual Classrooms :

    Academic Block, Transit Campus

    • Control room phone number : +91-1905-237939
    • Conference hall phone number: + 91-01905-237935
    • IIT-Mandi Virtual Class Room at Academic Block (Room No.- 208) VC IP Number: 7301
    • IIT-Mandi Academic Conference Hall at Academic Block VC IP Number: 7303
    • IIT-Mandi Helpdesk at Academic Block VC IP Number: 7302

    Kamand Campus

    • IIT-Mandi Virtual Class Room at Kamand Campus VC IP Number: 7304
    • IIT-Mandi Director Office at Kamand Campus VC IP Number: 7305
    • IIT-Mandi Conference Hall at Kamand Campus VC IP Number: 7306

  • VCR IP numbers of other institutions :

    Name of the Institutes Help-Desk VCR number
    IIT Bhubneshwar7341,7342,7343
    IIT Bombay7221, 7221, 7223
    IIT Delhi7311, 7312, 7313
    IIT Gandhinagar7232, 7233, 7238
    IIT Guwahati 7252
    IIT Hyderabad1503
    IIT Indore7241, 7243
    IIT Rajasthan7281, 7282, 7283
    IIT Kanpur7271, 7272,7273
    IIT Kharagpur7331, 7332,7333
    IIT Madras7201, 7202, 7203
    IIT Patna7261, 7262, 7263
    IIT Ropar7321, 7322
    IIT Roorkee7291, 7292, 7293
    NKN Network Helpdesk5100
    NIC Delhi7410
  • Other Useful Link & Informations :

    For Information on Video Conferencing Division of NIC : http://vidcon.nic.in