Trek to Great Himalayan National Park, 04.10.2014

Thirty five trekkers from IIT Mandi successfully completed their maiden trek in The Great Himalyan National Park, situated in the western Himalayan ranges, in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. From 2nd October'2014 to 4th October'2014, the trek was organized by IIT Mandi Hiking and Trekking club.

On the first day, the trekkers started their trek from Pekhari situated at a height of 2170 m, accessible by a jeep able road from Gushaini and after a trek of almost four hours reached Ranghthar (2860 m), the base camp. On the way we halted in Lakcha, a very beautiful traditional Himalayan village.

On second day trekkers divided into two groups, one went to Kundri and other went to Galu and Barchi top. Two guides accompanied each of the groups. Both the treks were was quite adventurous. The former involved serious climbing techniques. After a gruelling journey of four and a half hours, students reached their destination i.e. Kundri situated at a height of 3450 m. The return journey from Kundri was more daring because of the steep slope back to the base camp. The trek to reach Barchi top (3100 m) passed through some dense forest areas and had some brilliant views of the valley. It took about 2 hours. The return journey followed a much longer route, and was more exciting, as it involved walking on narrow ridges and crossing some steep and stony slopes.

After spending second night in the base camp, trekkers finally trekked back to Pekhari on third day.

The nights in the tents was full of joy, as it was a first experience for most of the trekkers. They also enjoyed the bonfire and the company of their friends.
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