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"Per capita, IIT has produced more millionaires than any other undergraduate institution.

-- Salon Magazine

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We, here at IIT Mandi, value the relationship we have with our recruiters. Building a campus presence not only enables companies to lay groundwork before the actual hiring process but also helps in them building a repute within the student community. Keeping this in mind, the placement cell helps companies in conducting:

Campus Tours

Send a representative of your company to our institute to interact with the placement cell and get to feel the environment within our young institute. Our ever helpful student volunteers make sure that the representative gets to know everything right from the academic structure and demographics to the momentous research projects which are pursued enthusiastically by groups of B. Techs, M. S. and Ph. D. Students in collaboration.

Pre-Placement Talks

Companies can directly interact with the student community via pre-placement talks and workshops. We encourage you to conduct such talks to get to know our students and give them an opportunity to interact with senior officials of your company. It also helps to strengthen the bond companies share with the institute.

We also help companies in arranging summer/winter internships. This helps companies during the actual hiring process by evaluating the performance of the interns during their term at the company. Any other suggestions or questions regarding the registration and placement procedures are welcome.


The Career and Placement Cell,
IIT Mandi (Kamand Campus)
Himachal Pradesh, India
Phone Numbers: +91-1905-267005/6
Email - placement[at]iitmandi[dot]ac[dot]in

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Varun Dutt

Dr. Varun Dutt

Dr. Hitesh Shrimali

Dr. Hitesh Shrimali

Dr.Sunny Zafar

Dr.Sunny Zafar

Other members of the Career and Placement Cell are :

Placement Officer

Nimisha N.B.
+91-7807625022 nimisha@iitmandi.ac.in
Student Coordinators
Divyanshu Verma +91-8894019775 B14212@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Akshay Mathew +91-9805151478 B14204@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Computer Science and Engineering
Saif Ali Akhtar (Branch head) +91-9472852446 saif_ali@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Shreyak Kumar +91-8629015315 b15134@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Kislaya Mishra +91-8629015413 b15219@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Abhijeet Sharma +91-8209555346 b15301@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Electrical Engineering
Shradhan Kumar (Branch Head) +91-9805101457 shradhan_kumar@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Jitesh Kumar Gupta +91-8894041783 jiteshgupta02@gmail.com
Munish Kumar +91-8988458963 b15223@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Rahul Singh +91-9425852130 b15231@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Civil Engineering
Abhishek Kumar (Branch head) +91-9805101082 b14303@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Abhay Singh Chauhan +91-8989018259 b15401@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Tushar Aggarwal +91-8629015436 Tusharcool37@gmail.com
Mechanical Engineering
Lovedeep Singh +91-7832033542 b14319@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Aditya Sharma +91-8209555346 b15301@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Udit Soni +91-9424495566 b15337@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Post Graduate
Garima Dhaiya +91-9968020927 garimasassy06@gmail.com
Indu Kumari +91-9599144019 mtr.indu@gmail.com
Divya Dhasmana +91-7807104973 dhasmana.divya@gmail.com
Prateek Kumar +91-8894924593 prateek.itirk74@gmail.com