S. No.Project No.Principal InvestigatorTitleDocument
1IITM/INT/TP/07Dr. Tulika P SrivastavaEWOK - Enabling Women Of KamandBrochure


S. No.IIT Mandi Reference No./ Project No.Project TitleSponsoring Agency"Principal Investigator & Co-ordinator(s) "Department/SchoolAmount SanctionedDuration of ProjectFromTo
1IITM-NKN/DMD/02NKN Electronic ClassroomNICSIDr. Bharat Singh Rajpurohit School of Computing & Electrical Engineering11,80,0002.4 Years1.3.1030.6.12
2IITM-QBII/TAG/04Estimation Quality of Broadband Internet in IndiaNIXI"Prof. T.A. Gonsalves Dr. Ashok Jhunjhunwala (IIT Madras)"School of Computing & Electrical Engineering5,00,0009 months1.12.1031.8.11
3IITM-CMOF/RRK/06Chiral Metal – Organic Frameworks : Rational Synthesis, Characterization and Novel ApplicationsDSTDr. Rik Rani KonerSchool of Basic Sciences25,75,0003 Years5.
4IITM-CPAM/HPD/08Collision Processes in Atomic and Molecular PhysicsDST"PI: Dr. Hari R. Varma Co-PI: Dr.P.C. Deshmukh (IIT Madras)"School of Basic Sciences10,62,0003 Years4.
5IITM-SLCS/PFS/09Swollen Liquid Crystal Soft Templates for Structured Nanomaterial SynthesisDSTDr. Prem Felix SirilSchool of Basic Sciences19,25,0003 Years13.7.1112.7.14
6IITM-NBM/SUG/10Towards Novel Barbiturates as Matrix Metalloprotenase (MMP) Inhibitors: Design, Synthesis, Characterization and Biological EvaluationDSTDr. Subrata GhoshSchool of Basic Sciences22,85,0003 Years1.8.1231.7.15
7IITM-RTBI/DMD/12Distributed Document Management SystemsRTBI" PI: Dinil Mon Divakaran Co-PI: Prof. T. A. Gonsalves"School of Computing & Electrical Engineering6,50,0001 Year13.3.1112.3.12
8IITM-DNA/CKN/13DNA aptamer conjugated gold nanoparticle for targeting cancer cellsDSTDr. Chayan Kanti NandiSchool of Basic Sciences22,80,0003 Years8.1.1231.7.15
9IITM-FDE/SYA/14Study of Fractional order Differential Equations with ApplicationsDSTDr. Syed AbbasSchool of Basic Sciences6,41,0003 Years1.10.1330.11.16
10IITM-DST/PKP/17Nanophotonic Systems for quantum information processing & coherent centralDSTDr. P. K. PathakSchool of Basic Sciences13,44,0003 Years27.6.1226.6.15
11IITM-DIT/ASO/18Development of text to speechg systems in Indian LanguageDITDr. Anil K. SaoSchool of Computing & Electrical Engineering76,90,0003 Years1.1.1231.12.14
12IITM-DBT/CKN/19Molecular Chaperone's mediated protein folding using time resolved single molecule Forster resonance energy transferDBTPI: Dr. Chayan Kanti NandiSchool of Basic Sciences69,58,2003 Years30.12.1329.12.16
13IITM-DRDO/SBG/20Supramolecular High Energy Compounds: synthesis, Characterization and theoretical StudiesDRDO"PI: Dr. Subrata Ghosh Co-PI: Dr. Prem Felix Siril Dr. Aniruddha Chakraborthy"School of Basic Sciences43,12,5004 Years27.7.1226.7.16
14IITM-NRN/PFS/21"Novel Routes for Crystallization Of Energetic Compounds"ARMREB, DRDO"PI: Dr. Prem Felix Siril Co-PI: Dr. Jaspreet Kaur Randhawa Dr. Prasanth P. Jose"School of Basic Sciences68,48,0064 Years16.1.1312.2.17
15IITM/GPS/BSR/23Development of Advanced/ Optimized control techniques of grid Connected Power Electronics Systems for Renewable Energy SourcesDSTDr. Bharat Singh RajpurohitSchool of Computing & Electrical Engineering20,70,0003 Years20.5.1319.5.16
16IITM/DST/PCP/24Development of Polyoxometalates organic Hybrids having through- bond Electronic interactions between cluster and organic units for materials And catalytic applicationsDSTDr. Pradeep C. ParameswaranSchool of Basic Sciences26,90,0003 Years10.
17IITM/DST/VSC/25Electromagnetic Radiation Response of metals and alloys during Deformation at low temperature conditionsDST"PI: Dr. Vishal S. Chauhan Co-PI: Dr. Rajeev Kumar"School of Engineering18,40,0003+1 Years22.5.1327.6.17
18*IITM/INTEL/KNG/26Resists Concepts for EUVL at the 16 nm Node and BeyondINTEL"PI: Prof. Kenneth Gonsalves Co-PI: Prof. Pradeep Parmeshwaran Prof. Subrata Ghosh Satinder Kumar Sharma"School of Basic Sciences217,62,0003 Years1.7.1230.4.16
19IITM/DST/ARK/27Centre for Innovative Technologies for the Himalayan RegionDST"PI: Dr. Arti Kashyap Co-PI: Prof. T.A. Gonsalves""School of Basic Sciences & School of Computing & Electrical Engineering"13,86,7761 Year28.8.1227.8.13
20IITM/DST/RAV/28Glass and Glass-ceramics for Electrical Energy Storage DevicesDSTDr. Rahul VaishSchool of Engineering35,00,0005 Years2.
21IITM/DST/VKS/29"Controlled Fabrication of Realistic Nano-circuits using Robust Artificial Peptides"DSTDr. Venkata KrishnanSchool of Basic Sciences35,00,0005 Years11.4.1210.4.17
22IITM/DST/AMD/30Engineering Molecular Organic Frameworks Crystal Structure and Photo Physical properties DSTDr. Abhimanew DhirSchool of Basic Sciences35,00,0005 Years19.3.1218.3.17
23IITM/HSAA/PCR/32A Short Formal Asymmetric Synthetic Approach to Huperzine – ADSTDr. P. C. RavikumarSchool of Basic Sciences27,00,0003 Years15.6.1214.6.15
24IITM/HOCFD/DST/33Development of a class of higher order compact(HOC) Finite difference Scheme and its application to linear shear flowsDSTDr. Rajendra Kumar RaySchool of Basic Sciences13,32,0003 Years14.2.1413.2.17
25IITM/CNEPN/DST/34Computational Nano- Engineering of Patterned NanostructuresDSTDr. Arti Kashyap"School of Basic Sciences & School of Computing & Electrical Engineering"3,50,0001 Year201228.2.13
26IITM/AADL/MHRD/35Aakash Education ProposalMHRD"PI: Dr. Arti Kashyap Co-Pi: Dr. Om Prakash Mentor: Prof. T.A. Gonsalves""School of Basic Sciences & School of Computing & Electrical Engineering"62,50,0002.8 Years1.8.1231.3.15
27IITM/DBT/TPS/36Exploring the Human Microbiome: A Hunt for the candidates for Pre- and Pro-biotics"Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship DBT"Dr. Tulika P. SrivastavaSchool of Basic Sciences82,00,0005 Years18.7.1217.7.17
28IITM/BCI/AKPI/37Structured Programming through E- LearningBCI"Dr. Arti Kashyap Dr. Anil Prabhakar(IIT Madras) Dr. Hans Fangohr (UK)""School of Basic Sciences & School of Computing & Electrical Engineering"19,15,4311 Year1.8.1231.7.13
29IITM/IUATC/AKP/39IU-ATC ProjectDST"PI: Dr. Arti Kashyap Co-PI: Prof. T.A. Gonsalves Dr. Samar Agnihotri Dr. Nitu Kumari Dr. Sarita Azad Dr. Manoj Thakur Dr. Satyajit Thakur""School of Basic Sciences & School of Computing & Electrical Engineering"81,48,0002.5 Years11.9.1210.3.15
30IITM/SERB/SKS/44Surface Plasmon Based Flexible Colloidal Crystal SensorsSERB (DST)Dr. Satinder SharmaSchool of Computing & Electrical Engineering10,20,0003 Years18.12.1217.12.15
31IITM/NBHM/SYA/45Periodicity & a Almost Periodicity in Ecological ModelingNHBM, DAEDr. Syed AbbasSchool of Basic Sciences8,57,5003 Years15.11.1214.11.15
32IITM/DST/PAD/46Design and Synthesis of New Organic-Inorganic Hybrids: Bip-Evaluation as Cancer, Microbial and Inflamatory Therapeutic AgentsDST"Dr. Pooja Co-PI: Dr. Pradeep C. Parameswaran"School of Basic Sciences27,72,0003 Years6.
33IITM/NBHM/RRY/47Development of Higher Order Accurate Numerical Schemes for Elliptic Equation with Various Discontinuties & its Application to Immersed Interface ProblemsNBHM (DAE)Dr. Rajendra Kumar RaySchool of Basic Sciences2,99,5003 Years27.1.1526.1.18
34IITM/DST/BSR/49"Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions (FIST) Program-2013"DSTDr. Bharat Singh RajpurohitSchool of Computing & Electrical Engineering245,00,0005 Years7.
35IITM/BRNS/RKR/51Modeling of Contaminated Sediments in Lakes/RiversBRNS (DAE)"PI: Dr. Rajendra Kumar Ray Co-PI: Dr. O.P. Singh"School of Basic Sciences21,07,1003 Years15.7.1414.7.17
36IITM/DST/AKP/55DYNAMAGDSTDr. Arti Kashyap"School of Basic Sciences & School of Computing & Electrical Engineering"12,78,7316 Months01/121.6.12
37IITM/DST-UKIERI/BSR/56Smart Multi-Terminal DC U-grids for autonomous Zero-Net Energy BuildingsDST-UKIERI"Dr. Bharat Singh Rajpurohit Co-PI: Prof. S.N. Singh (IIT Kanpur) Dr. Dr. Francisco Gonzalez-Longatt (Coventry University, UK)"School of Computing & Electrical Engineering27,20,8002 Years23.4.1422.4.16
38IITM/DST/RK/57Non-Linear Analysis of Piezolaminated Composite StructureDSTDr. Rajeev KumarSchool of Engineering3,06,0003 Years20.5.1319.5.16
39IITM/DST/BSR/59A Multi Dimentional Smart Energy Grids Analysis for Indian ScenarioDST"PI: Dr. Bharat Singh Rajpurohit Prof. S.N. Singh (IITK) Co-PI: Dr. Samar Agnihotri Dr. Y.N. Singh (IITK)"School of Computing & Electrical Engineering100,98,1003 Years30.9.1429.9.17
40IITM/DRDA/RTRD/63Evaluation of MGNREGA in MandiDRDA"Dr. Ramna Thakur Dr. Rajeshwari Dutt"School of Humanities & Social Sciences1,49,0006 months1.9.1328.2.14
41IITM/DST/VD/64Building a Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace: A Behavioral Game-Theoretic ApproachDST"Dr. Varun Dutt, Dr. V. S. Chandrashekhar Pammi (University of Allahbad)"School of Computing & Electrical Engineering22,89,6003 Years10.12.1410.12.17
42IITM/CSIR/SKP/70Carrier Multiplication in Electronically Coupled Nanocrystals and HarvestingCSIRDr. Suman K. PalSchool of Basic of Sciences12,58,0003 Years29.1.1528.1.18
43IITM/UGC/MVD/73The Sixteenth Century Renaissance in Southern IndiaUGC"Dr. Manu V. Devadevan Co-PI: Prof. Kesavan Veluthat (Univ of Delhi)"School of Humanities & Social Sciences48,00,0003 Years1.10.1430.9.17
44IITM-INSA/RAV/74Investigation of Photocatalytic Activity in Ferroelectric Ceramics & their CompositesINSADr. Rahul VaishSchool of Engineering15,00,0003 Years17.10.1416.10.17
45IITM-ICMR/JKR/75Nano Structure Metal Oxide: Application to BiosensingICMRDr. Jaspreet Kaur RandhawaSchool of Engineering15,05,9801 Year1.1.1531.12.15
46IITM-DST-VR/SKP/76Quantum Dots for Novel Solar SolutionsDST-VR"Dr. Suman K. Pal Prof. Tonu Pullerits (Lund University, Sweden)"School of Basic Sciences40,27,0003 Years15.1.1514.1.18
47IITM/DeitY-MLA/ASO/77Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme for Electronics & ITDeitY-MLADr. Anil K. SaoSchool of Computing & Electrical Engineering309,90,0005 Years20.11.1419.11.19
48IITM/DST/AB/78Investigations into Scene Recovery for Optical & Range Cameras and Applications to Medical Image AnalysisDST-INSPIREDr. Arnav BhavsarSchool of Computing & Electrical Engineering35,00,0005 Years26.9.1425.9.19
49IITM/DRDO-SASE/MT/79Snow Avalanche Forecasting Using Machine Learning and Data MiningDRDO-SASEDr. Manoj ThakurSchool of Basic Sciences5,04,0006 months5.
50IITM/NRB/BSR/80Design & Development of High Performance Synchronous Machine (PMSM) based Drives for Motion ControlNRB-DRDO"Dr. Bharat Singh Rajpurohit Co-PI: Dr. Rajeev Kumar"School of Computing & Electrical Engineering28,30,9733 Years10.
51IITM-SERB/SKP/81Engineering Chemical Structure to Improve Device Efficiency: Novel Organic Polymers/Macromolecules & their Nanocomposites for Photovoltaic ApplicationSERB"Dr. Suman Kalyan Pal Co-PIs: Dr. Subrata Ghosh Dr. C.K. Nandi Dr. Suresh Chand (NPL) Dr. Rajiv Kr. Singh (NPL)"School of Basic of Sciences43,64,0003 Years16.4.1515.4.18
52IITM/DST/DPS/82Arsenic and Heavy Metal Mapping in Water, Coal & Fly-Ash Samples from Urjanchal (Singrauli) Area of Central IndiaDSTDr. Dericks Praise ShuklaSchool of Engineering22,08,3342.3 Years11.3.1520.6.17
53IITM/UGC-DAE/BR/83Effect of dimensionality on the lectronic structure of some novel transition metal oxidesUGC-DAEDr. Bindu RadhamanySchool of Basic of Sciences2,29,8001 Year29.4.1528.4.16
54IITM/BRNS/AS/84Development of High Temperature Thermoelectric Transport Measurements System to Study Chalcogenide Based Thermoelectric Nano-CompositesBRNSDr. Ajay SoniSchool of Basic of Sciences25,000003 Years20.5.1519.5.18
55IITM/SERB/AS/85Layered Chalcogenide Nanocomposites for Thermoelectric ApplicationsSERBDr. Ajay SoniSchool of Basic of Sciences26,000003 Years9.
56IITM/DIC/Committee/86Design Innovation CentreMHRDCoordinator: Dr. Shubhajit Roy Chawdhary, Members: Dr. S. K. Masakapalli, Dr. Atul Dhar, Dr. Mohammad Talha, Dr. Kaustav Sarkar. Advisor: Prof. B. D. Chaudhary, Co-Advisor: Prof. Madhusadan Rao (IIT Delhi)Institute130,00,0003 Years1.7.1430.6.17
57IITM/DeitY/hs/87Special Man-power development program from chips to system designDeitYDr. Hitesh ShrimaliSchool of Computing & Electrical Engineering60,38,0005 Years29.12.1528.12.21
58IITM/DBT/AP/88Immuno-modulating effect of Taenia solium cyst antigens on immune reactive cells and their role in pathogenesisDBTDr. Amit PrasadSchool of Basic of Sciences32,500005 Years1.4.1531.3.20
59IITM/DST/DB/89Descisions from experience: AN ERP investigation of descision based on valuation of outcomes and probablitiesDSTPI: Ms. Debarati Bandhyopadhyay, Mentor: Dr. Varun DuttSchool of Computing & Electrical Engineering18,56,0002 Years10.
60IITM/ASPL/ASO/90 Detection of Cervical Cancer from pap smear imagesAindra Systems Pvt. Ltd.PI: Dr. Anil Sao, Co-PI: Dr. Arnav BhavsarSchool of Computing & Electrical Engineering6,50,0002 Years1.8.1531.7.17
61IITM/DST/AKP/91 Setting up centre for innovative technologies for Himalayan Region under CSTRI SchemeDSTDr. Arti KashyapSchool of Computing & Electrical Engineering31,40,0002 Years17.7.1516.7.17
62IITM/DST/VK/92 Bioinspired Advanced Materials for Enhanced Solar Energy Conversion in Organic PhotovoltaicsDST-SERBDr. Venkata KrishnanSchool of Basic Sciences20,87,0003 Years14.10.1513.8.18
63IITM/DeitY-MLA/ASO/93 Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme for Electronics & IT in 2015-16DeitY-MLADr. Anil K. SaoSchool of Computing & Electrical Engineering217,13,0005 Years28.8.1527.8.20
64IITM/DST/AK/94 Ab-initio search of new Magnetoelectric Multiferrole MaterialsDSTDr. Arti KashyapSchool of Computing & Electrical Engineering57,36,5383 Years04.8.1503.8.18
65IITM/DST-INSPIRE/PK/95Physics of Electromagnos Dynamics Probed by Raman Scattering DST-INSPIREDr. Pradeep KumarSchool of Basic Sciences35,00,0005 Years24.2.1523.02.20
66IITM/DST/NG/96Identification of the Hedgehog pathway modulators in non-small cell lung cancer stem cells DST-INSPIREDr. Neha GargSchool of Basic Sciences35,00,0005 Years4.
67IITM/DST/AH/97Generating Renewable Energy Sources Using Anthropogenic CO2 for Sustainable Future DST-SERBDr. Aditi HalderSchool of Basic Sciences30,40,0003 Years21.11.1520.11.18
68IITM/ISRO/SG/98Development of Indigenous DUV photoresistsfor 180 nm process technology at Semi-conductor Lab (SCL) Mandi: Make in India ISRODr. Subrata GhoshSchool of Basic Sciences81,00,0003 Years1.12.15 30.11.18
69IITM/SERB/AJ/99Stimuli Responsive Smart Nanocarriers for Theranostics Application SERBDr. Amit JaiswalSchool of Basic Sciences22,56,0003 Years23.12.15 22.12.18
70IITM/SERB/RG/100Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: Folding and Binding Mechanisms of Transactivation Domain of Adenoviral Oncoprotein E1A with its partner TAZ2 SERBDr. Rajanish GiriSchool of Basic Sciences27,36,0003 Years19.12.15 18.12.18
71IITM/DST-GITA/SG/101Novel Non Chemically Amplified Molecular Photoresists for Nanoelectronics at the 20nm Node or Beyond DST-GITADr. Subrata GhoshSchool of Basic Sciences29,29,5003 Years4.
72IITM/DST-SERB/RV/102Photocatalytic transparent glass nano/micro crystal composites for waste water treatment DST-SERBDr. Rahul VaishSchool of Engineering28,05,2003 Years20.01.1619.01.19
73IITM/MoC/RT/103Training in Pahari Painting: A step towards the presentation of Himalayan Culture Ministry of Culture (MoC)Dr. Ramna ThakurSchool of Humanities & Social Sciences7,00,0001 Year20.01.1619.01.17
74IITM/DST/VB/104Site specific growth and nanomanufacturing of aligned carbon nanotube (CNT) for device DSTDr. Viswanath BalakrishnanSchool of Engineering28,56,0003 Years 23.02.1622.02.19
75IITM/DST-YSS/AG/105Design of Quieter Hard Disk and Optical Drive Using Sonic CrystalSERB under YSS Dr. Arpan Gupta School of Engineering 31,66,0003 Years01.04.1631.03.19
76IITM/SERB/MT/106Nonlinear thermo-electro-elasticity analysis of geometrically imperfect functionally graded curved panels with material uncertaintiesSERBDr. Mohammad TalhaSchool of Engineering14,85,0003 Years08.04.1607.04.19
77IITM/SERB/PM/107The role of hyperinsulinemia in the pathogenesis of insulin resistance and diabetesSERBDr. Prosenjit MondalSchool of Basic Science44,41,3523 year02.06.1601.06.19
78IITM/ISRO-SCL/AH/108Development of indigenous chemical mechanical polishing slurries for microelectronics application at semiconductor laboratory (SCL)SCL MohaliPI: Dr. Aditi Halder,Co-PI: Dr. Venkata Krishnan, Dr. Rik Rani Koner School of Basic Sciences69,60,0003 year23.06.1622.06.19
79IITM/SERB/SD/109Controller Optimization for Differential- Algebraic SystemsSERBDr. Subashish DattaSchool of Computing & Electrical Engineering14,86,0803 year13.06.1612.06.19
80IITM/DRDO-CARS/VD/110Development of human-performance modeling framework via physiological and signal processing tools for visual cognitive enhancement in IVD,VR and AR paradigmsDRDODr. Varun DuttSchool of Computing & Electrical Engineering22,62,8503 year03.06.1602.06.19
81IITM/DBT/AJ/111Engineering novel plasmonic nanocapsules for cancer therapy and diagnosticsDBTDr. Amit JaiswalSchool of Basic Sciences19,31,0003year05.07.1604.07.19
82IITM/SERB/PAK/112Solar energy storage using change material for space heating applicationSERBDr. Pyadi Anil KishanSchool of Engineering31,19,6003 year14.07.1613.07.19
83IITM/SERB-RF/NG/113Ramanujan FellowshipSERBDr. Neha GargSchool of Basic Sciences89,00,0005 year01.08.1630.07.21
84IITM/DST-DAAD/SRC/114Point of care monitoring of neuro-glial-vascular interaction during spreading depolarizations in brain trauma using simulaneous recording of electroencephalography (ECG) and near-infraredDST-DAADDr. Shubhajit Roy ChawdharySchool of Computing & Electrical Engineering8,25,5002 Years10.06.1609.06.18
85IITM/MHRD(UAY)/AD/115Design of Advanced Big Data Analytics in the CygNet Management System for large telecom networksMHRDPI: Dr. A D Dileep, Co-PI: Prof. Timothy A Gonsalves, Dr. Sriram Kailasam, Dr. Aditya Nigam, Dr. Samar Agnihotri, Dr. Varun Dutt"School of Computing & Electrical Engineering140,00,0003 years15.06.16 14.06.19
86IITM/DST/KG/116Silicon solar cells with carrier selective contactsDSTPI: Dr. Kunal Ghosh (IIT,Mandi),Co-PI:Dr. Anil K Sao (IIT,Mandi), Dr. Saurabh Lodha (IIT, Bombay)School of Computing & Electrical Engineering151,58,1803 years 20.07.1619.07.19
87IITM/DST/SKS/117Next Generation, Cutting-Edge Indigenous EUVL Resists Technology for Semiconductor Industry DST PI: Dr. Satinder Sharma, Co-PI: Dr. Subrata Ghosh,Dr. Pradeep Parameswaran"School of Computing & Electrical Engineering91,86,7603 years01.07.1630.06.19
88IITM/DST/AKP/118Eco friendly utilization of hazardous dry pine needles for social benefitDSTDr. Arti KashyapSchool of Basic Science 19,13,0002 years22.07.1621.07.18
89IITM/SERB/AD/119Study of Synergistic use of Hydrogen and other alternatives fuel in a dual fuel Engine for Emission reductionSERB Dr. Atul Dhar School of Engineering 32,29,6003 years 20.08.1619.08.19
90IITM/SERB/PK/120Development of adaptive unstructured angular descretisation grid for the finite volume method of radiative transfer equation for collimated beam radiationSERBDr. Pradeep KumarSchool of Engineering 25,97,1003 years20.08.1619.08.19
91IITM/MHRD(UAY)/SG/121Development of Indigenous photoresists technology for semiconductor industries: impact on Indian economy, skilled manpower development and employment possibilityMHRD"Dr. Subrata Ghosh (PI), Dr. Satinder K. Sharma (Co-PI), Dr. Pradeep C. Parameswaran (Co-PI)"School of Baic Sciences239,00,000 3 years07.09.1606.09.19
92IITM/SERB/RD/122Design and failure analysis of cemented acetabular prosthesisSERBDr. Rajesh GhoshSchool of Engineering13,59,6003 years09.09.1608.09.19
93IITM/SERB/TJ/123Optimizing economics of renewable energy using fault-tolerant model predictive control (PARAMEDIC)SERBDr. Tushar JainSchool of Computing & Electrical Engineering23,77,1003 years20.09.1619.09.19
94IITM/ISRO-SCL/SG/124Development of Indigenous photoresist stripping formulation for SCL, Mohali SCL Mohali Dr. Subrata GhoshSchool of Basic Sciences 4,89,8503 months21.09.1620.12.16
95IITM/SERB/RS/125In situ x-ray computed tomography exploration and numerical modelling of fracture mechanisms involved in the failure of interfacial transition zone of cement concrete SERB Dr. Rajneesh Sharma School of Engineering 37,24,6003 years29.09.1628.09.19
96IITM/DBT/SKM/126Integrating Genome scale metabolic analysis of model plant pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum with RNAseq and fluomicsDBT Dr. Shyam Masakapalli (IIT Mandi), Dr. Siddhartha Satapathy (Tezpur University); Co-PI's Dr. Tulika Srivastava (IIT Mandi), Dr. Suvendra Ray(Tezpur University) School of Baic Sciences 57,40,000 3 years 04.11.1603.11.19
97IITM/AI/VB/127Development of aligned CNT-polymer nanocomposite for light weight and high strength body armor applicationAzista Industries, HyderabadDr. Viswanath BalakrishnanSchool of Engineering29,79,6002 years01.11.1631.10.18
98IITM/SERB/SA/128Mathematical Modelling of the Epidemiology of Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) SERBDr. Sarita AzadSchool of Basic Science18,25,7253 years04.11.1603.11.19
99IITM/HPSCSTE/VK/129Low cost Bioinspired Point-of-Care devices for early detection of diseases using Saliva as diagnostic fluid in rural Himachal areasHimachal Pradesh State council for Science, Technology & Environment (SCSTE)Dr. Venkata Krishnan (PI), Dr. Neha Sood (Co-PI)School of Basic Science6,60,0002 years12.11.1611.11.18
100IITM/HPSCSTE/VD/130 Development and evaluation of landslide risk communication solutions in Mandi Distt. of H.P.Himachal Pradesh State council for Science, Technology & Environment (SCSTE)Dr. Varun DuttSchool of Computing & Electrical Engineering5,12,6002 years12.11.1611.11.18
101IITM/IRCS/VK/131 Indian Red Cross Society project-IIT Mandi collaborationIndian Red Cross Society Dr. Venkata Krishnan (PI), Dr. Varun Dutt, Dr. Ramna Thakur, Dr. Shyamasree Dasgupta (Co-PI's)School of Computing & Electrical Engineering AND School of Basic Sciences AND School of Humanities & Social Sciences420001 year01.12.1630.11.17
102IITM/SERB-NPDF/PKA/132 Development of a hybrid analytical numerical procedure for service load analysis of RC box girder bridgesSERB-NPDF Dr. Patel Kashyapkumar Arvindbhai(PI), Dr. Kaustav Sarkar (Mentor) School of Engineering 19,20,0002 years01.10.1630.09.18
103IITM/SERB-NPDF/RS/133 Facile low cost- synthesis of Graphene/ Zeolite composite and their application in removal of heavy metals from water SERB-NPDF Dr. Richa Soni (PI), Dr. Dericks Praise Shukla (Mentor) School of Engineering 19,20,000 2 years 16.11.16 15.11.18
104 IITM/DBT-TP/RG/134 Deciphering the molecular mechanisms governing the direct Aβ aggregation inhibition with the serum protein- Transferrin: Implication for Alzheimer's disease DBT Dr. Rajanish Giri(PI, IIT Mandi) Dr. Tamir Tripathi (Co-PI, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong) School of Basic Science 70,33,000 3 years 12.01.17 11.01.20
105 IITM/SERB/SAT/135 Characterization of the Entropy regions for three and four random variables and their application SERB Dr. Satyajitsinh Ajitsinh Thakor School of Computing & Electrical Engineering 33,26,840 3 years 19.01.17 18.01.20
106 IITM/DST-INSPIRE/PPV/136 Efficient distributed computation of massive data DST Dr. Pooja P Vyavahare School of Computing & Electrical Engineering 35,00,000 5 years 18.01.17 17.01.22
107 IITM/SERB/PR/137 Automatic analysis of avian acoustics SERB Dr. Padmanabhan Rajan(PI), Mr. Vaibhav Pratap (Co-PI) (C-DAC, Bangalore), Dr. Robin Vijayan (IISER,Tirupati) School of Computing & Electrical Engineering 58,13,602 3 years 25.01.17 24.01.20


S.No.File no.Proposal TitleFaculty nameAgreement signed withAmt.PeriodSigning DateCompletion Date
1IITMandi/CONS/02/2014Face Recognition in Real TimeDr. Anil K. SaoAindra Systems, Bangalore1,34,8321 Year5.
2IITM/CONS/PPLP/VD/03Machine Learning and Data Mining for Sales and Analytics in PharmaDr. Varun DuttPurdue Pharma L.P., USAUSD$96,0623 years16.2.1516.2.18
3IITM/CONS/ALT/AK/04Handbook for PBS Works: Altair's SolutionsDr. Arti KashyapAltair Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.5,85,0005-6 Months1.3.13Sep- 13
4IITM/CONS/PPLP/VD/05Visualization of Big Data in Pharmaceutical IndustryDr. Varun DuttPurdue Pharma L.P., USAUSD$8,9999 Months10.9.1510.6.16
5IITM/CONS/BHEL/RK/06 Development of analytical method to determine transient torques developed under various faults and its grid interaction effects on turbine generator shaft systemDr. Rajeev Kumar Co-PI: Dr. B.S. RajpurohitBHEL, Ranipur, Haridwar, Uttarakhand 17,87,55615 Months 23.11.15
6IITM/CONS/RxDSI/VD/07 Efficient query and visualization of Big DataDr. Varun Dutt Rx Data Science Inc, USAUSD$ 9,70109 Months & 10 days01.09.16 10.06.17
7IITM/CONS/SoT&D/RS/08Up- gradation of the existing rope-way system used in rural areasDr. Rajneesh Sharm (PI), Dr. Rajeev Kumar (Co-PI)Society for Technology and Development , District- Mandi (H.P)1,50,00003 years01.10.1630.09.19
8IITM/CONS/AI/VB/09Development of aligned CNT-polymer nanocomposite for light weight and high strength body armor applicationDr. Viswanath BalakrishnanAzista Industries, Hyderabad2,99,00002 years01.11.1631.10.18
9IITM/CONS/PG/RS/10PSPCL Multistory integrated corporate office complex at Shakti Vhar Patiala PBDr. Rajneesh Sharm (PI), Dr. Kaustav Sarkar (Co-PI)Planners Group, Chandigarh3,78,64002 years01.12.1631.05.17
10IITM/CONS/HPPWD/RS/11 C/o Traffic chakker at Sukhodi Khad Hospital Chowk Mandi (SH: c/o round about inbetween existing bridges and R/wall to Sukhodi bridge hospital side Dr. Rajneesh Sharma(PI), Dr. Kaustav Sarkar(Co-PI) Executive Engineer, Mandi division II, HPPWD Mandi 1,49,500 06 months 01.02.17 31.07.17
11IITM/CONS/CPWD-IARI/RS/12 Vetting of structural design for the extension of renovation of existing shed of Mela Ground, IARI Pusa New Delhi Dr. Rajneesh Sharma Executive Engineer, CD-4 CPWD, IARI Pusa New Delhi. 2,64,500 02 months 01.02.17 31.03.17