School of
Computing and Electrical Engineering

SCEE Courses for Feb-June 2020

     M-VLSI - MTech (Electrical Engineering) in Very Large Scale Integration
     M-CSP - MTech in Communications and Signal Processing
     M-PED - MTech in Power Electronics and Drives


Courses Offered for Computer Science and Engineering

Sr. No. Course No. Course Title L-T-P-C Instructor
1 CS201 Computer Organization 3-0-0-3 Anil Kumar Sao
2 CS201P Computer Organization Laboratory 0-0-2-1 Anil Kumar Sao
3 CS302 Paradigms of Programming 3-0-2-4 Manas Thakur
4 CS304 Formal Languages and Automata Theory 3-0-0-3 Astrid Kiehn
6 CS309 Information and Database Systems 3-0-2-4 Sriram Kailasam
7 CS403 Algorithm Design and Analysis 3-0-2-4 Rameshwar Pratap
8 CS508 Introduction to Heterogeneous Computing 2-0-0-2 A D Dileep
9 CS545 Software Design Patterns 3-0-0-3 Varunkumar Jayapaul
10 CS549 Performance Analysis of Computer Networks 3-0-0-3 Sreelakshmi, TAG
11 CS591 Selected Topics in Constraint Satisfaction Problems 1-0-0-1 Deepak Khemani
12 CS594 Introduction to Computer Graphics and Design 3-0-2-4 Jinesh Machchhar
13 CS660 Data Mining for Decision Making 3-0-1-4 Varun Dutt
14 CS671 Deep Learning and Applications 3-0-1-4 Aditya Nigam


Courses Offered for Electrical Engineering

Sr. No. Course No. Course Title L-T-P-C Instructor
1 EE201 Electromechanics 2.5-0.5- Narsa Reddy Tummuru
2 EE201P Electromechanics Lab 0-0-2-1 Narsa Reddy Tummuru
3 EE301 Control Systems 2.5-0.5- Tushar Jain
4 EE301P Control Systems Lab 0-0-2-1 Tushar Jain
6 EE304 Communication Theory 3-0-0--3 Adarsh Patel
7 EE304P Communication Theory Lab 0-0-2-1 Adarsh Patel
8 EE309 Power Electronics 2.5-0.5- Moumita Das
9 EE309P Power Electronics Lab 0-0-2-1 Moumita Das
10 EE507 Transmission Lines and Basic Microwave Engineering 3-1-0-4 Gopi Srikant Reddy
11 EE511 Computer Vision 3-0-2-4 Arnav Bhavsar
12 EE513 Special Electric Machines 3-0-0-3 Bharat Singh Rajpurohit
13 EE517 Wireless Communication and Networking 3-0-0-3 Samar Agnihotri
14 EE523 Digital VLSI Architecture 3-0-2-4 Rahul Shreshtha
15 EE529 Embedded Systems 3-0-2-4 Shubhajit Roy Chowdhury
16 EE619 Mixed Signal VLSI Design 3-1-0-4 Srinivasu Bodapati
18 EE526 Power Semiconductor Devices 3-0-0-3 Ankush Bag
19 EE530 Applied Optimization 2-0-2-3 Renu M Rameshan
20 EE531 Estimation and Detection Theory 3-0-0-3 Samar Agnihotri
21 EE592 Selected Topics in Resonant Soft-Switched DC-DC Converters 2-0-0-2 Ramesh Oruganti
22 EE593 Selected Topics in Low Power VLSI Design 3-0-0-3 S. Sen
23 EE604 Advanced Electrical Drives 2.5-0.5- Himanshu Mishra
24 EE604P Practicum on Advanced Electrical Drives 2.5-0.5- Himanshu Mishra
25 EE606 Introduction to High Voltage Engineering and Dielectric Breakdown 3-0-0-3 Ravindra Arora
26 EE611 VLSI Technology 3-0-0-3 Satinder Kumar Sharma
27 EE611P VLSI Fabrication Practicum 0-0-3-2 Satinder Kumar Sharma
28 EE620 Advanced Digital Signal Processing 3-0-0-3 Renu M Rameshan
29 EE623P Practicum on Digital Control of Electric Drives 1-0-3-3 Amit Singha