School of
Computing and Electrical Engineering


Bharat Singh Rajpurohit

Asso. Professor (Chairperson)
Phone: 267046
EMail: chairscee, bsr
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Ankush Bag

Asst. Professor
Specialization: Semiconductor Devices, Epitaxy and Compound Semiconductors
PhD from IIT Kharagpur (2016)
Home Town: Howrah, West Bengal
Phone: 267276
EMail: ankushbag
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Adarsh Patel

Asst. Professor
Specialization: Statistical Signal Processing, Wireless Communications
PhD from IIT Kanpur
Home Town: Lucknow, UP
EMail: adarsh

Aditya Nigam

Asst. Professor
Specialization: Biometrics, Computer Vision, Image Processing
PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Home Town: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 267152
EMail: aditya
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Amit Kumar Singha

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Control System, DC-DC Converter
PhD from IIT Kharagpur
Home Town: Kalyani, West Bengal
EMail: amit

Anil Kumar Sao

Asso. Professor
Specialization: Image processing
PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Home Town: Bhilai, Chattisgarh
Phone: 267066
EMail: anil
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Arnav Bhavsar Vinayak

Assoc. Professor
Specialization: Image analysis, Computer vision
PhD from IIT Madras (2011)
Home Town: Surat, Gujarat
Phone: 267115
EMail: arnav
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Arti Kashyap

Asso. Professor (J.App.)
Specialization: Magnetism and magnetic materials
PhD from University of Roorkee
Home Town: Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
Phone: 267042
EMail: arti
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Astrid Kiehn

Visiting Associate Professor
Specialization: Distributed Algorithms, Verification, Theoretical Computer Science
PhD from TU-Munich University, Germany (1989)
Home Town: Hamburg, Germany
Phone: 267053
EMail: astrid
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B. D. Chaudhary

Emeritus Professor
Specialization: Software Technology
PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (1979)
Home Town: Darbhanga, Bihar
Phone: 267068
EMail: bdchaudhary

Bharat Singh Rajpurohit

Associate Professor (chairperson)
Specialization: Power Electronics Application to Power Systems
PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (2009)
Home Town: Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Phone: 267046
EMail: bsr
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Deepak Khemani

Mentor Professor
Specialization: Artificial Intelligence
PhD from IIT Bombay
Home Town:
Phone: 267227
EMail: khemani
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Dileep A. D

Asst. Professor
Specialization: Pattern Recognition, Kernel Methods for Pattern Analysis, Machine Learning, Speech Technology, Computer Vision
PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Madras (2013)
Home Town: Udupi, Karnataka
Phone: 267047
EMail: addileep
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Enakshi Bhattacharya

Mentor Professor
Specialization: MEMS processing and sensors
PhD from TIFR, Bombay
Home Town:
Phone: 267053
EMail: enakshi
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Gopi Shrikanth Reddy

Asst. Professor
Specialization: Communications: Antennas and Wave Propagation, RF and Microwave Passive component Design
PhD from IIT Bombay (2015)
Home Town: Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh (Paternal Town: Telengana)
Phone: 267221
EMail: gopishrikanth
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Himanshu Misra

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Electrical Drives, DFIG systems, Electric Vehicle, Renewable Energy, Power Converters
PhD from IIT Delhi
Home Town: Pali, Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 267115
EMail: himanshumisra

Hitesh Shrimali

Assoc. Professor
Specialization: Analog and Mixed signal VLSI design, analog-to-digital converters and design of radiation hard circuits (space application)
PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Home Town: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
EMail: hitesh
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Kunal Ghosh

Asst. Professor
Specialization: Solar Photovoltaics
PhD from Arizona State University, USA (2011)
Home Town: Kolkata
Phone: 267145
EMail: kunal
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Manas Thakur

Teaching Fellow
Specialization: Program analysis, compilers, programming languages
PhD from IIT Madras
Home Town: Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh
EMail: manasthakur
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Narendra Karmarkar

Visiting Distinguished Professor
PhD from University of California (1983)
Home Town:
EMail: narendrakarmarkar

Narsa Reddy Tummuru

Asst. Professor
Specialization: Hybrid Energy Storage Applications in Future Microgrids, Efficient Power Electronic Interfaces in Renewable Energy Applications and Smartgrid Communication Networks
PhD from IIT Madras (2015)
Home Town: Distt. Krishna, Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 267225
EMail: tummuru
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Padmanabhan Rajan

Asst. Professor
Specialization: Speech processing, speaker recognition
PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Madras (2012)
Home Town: Cochin, Kerala
Phone: 267118
EMail: padman
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Rahul Shrestha

Asst. Professor
Specialization: VLSI Design and Circuits & Systems for Signal Processing and Wireless Communication.
PhD from IIT Guwahati (2014)
Home Town: Bangalore, Karnataka (Parental: Darjeeling, West Bengal).
Phone: 267271
EMail: rahul_shrestha
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Rajan Kapur

Adjunct Professor
Specialization: Renewable Energy, Industrial Electronics, Head Mounted Displays
PhD from UT, Austin, Texas (1982)
Home Town: Mandi
EMail: rajan.kapur@larankelo.com

Ramesh Oruganti

Adjunct Professor
Specialization: Power Electronics, Solar photovoltaic energy systems
PhD from Virgina Tech, USA
Home Town:
Phone: 267123
EMail: ramesho
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Rameshwar Pratap

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Algorithms in Data Science and Machine Learning, Theoretical Computer Science
PhD from Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI)
Home Town: Allahabad, UP
EMail: rameshwar
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Renu M. Rameshan

Asst. Professor
Specialization: Image Processing
PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (2013)
Home Town: Trivandrum, Kerala
Phone: 267113
EMail: renumr
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Asst. Professor
Specialization: Information Theory, Wireless Communications
PhD from Indian Institute of Science
Home Town:
Phone: 267107
EMail: samar
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Satinder Sharma

Specialization: Nanoelectronics,Sensors,Photovoltaic & self assembly
PhD from Kurukshetra University (2007)
Home Town: Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
Phone: 267134
EMail: satinder
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Satyajit Thakor

Asst. Professor
Specialization: Communication Theory, Information Theory, Network Coding
PhD from Institute for Telecommunications Research, Uni. of South Australia (2012)
Home Town: Anand, Gujarat
Phone: 267150
EMail: satyajit
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Shubhajit Roy Chowdhury

Assoc. Professor
Specialization: Biomedical Embedded Systems, Non invasive diagnostic systems, Near Infrared Spectroscopy, VLSI Architectures
PhD from Jadavpur University (2010)
Home Town: Kolkata, West Bengal
Phone: 267110
EMail: src
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Siddhartha Sarma

Asst. Professor
Specialization: Resource allocation in Wireless Networks, Wireless Energy Harvesting and Crowd sensing
PhD from Indian Institute of Science
Home Town: Agartala, Tripura
Phone: 267116
EMail: siddhartha
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Srikant Srinivasan

Assoc. Professor
Specialization: Big-Data acquisition and analysis, Nanoelectronics, Spintronics
PhD from Purdue University - West Lafayette, USA (2012)
Home Town: Hyderabad
Phone: 267057
EMail: srikant
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Srinivasu Bodapati

Asst. Professor
Specialization: VLSI Design, Nanoelctronics, Hardware security, Cryptography and FPGA based system design
PhD from IIT Madras
Home Town: Akividu, Andhra Pradesh
EMail: srinivasu

Sriram Kailasam

Asst. Professor
Specialization: Distributed Systems (Cloud Computing)
PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Madras (2014)
Home Town: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Phone: 267120
EMail: sriramk
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Swapnil Bhuktare

Asst. professsor
Specialization: Nanoelectronics, Spintronics
PhD from IIT Bombay
Home Town: Nanded (Maharashtra)
Phone: 267117
EMail: swapnil

Timothy A Gonsalves

Professor / Director
Specialization: Computer networks and distributed software systems
PhD from Stanford University, USA (1986)
Home Town: Ooty, Tamil Nadu
Phone: 267001
EMail: tag
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Tushar Jain

Asst. Professor
Specialization: Control theory, fault tolerant control, industrial process control
PhD from University of Lorraine, France (2012)
Home Town: Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 267123
EMail: tushar
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Varun Dutt

Assoc. Professor (J.App.)
Specialization: Artificial Intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction, Judgment and Decision Making, Environmental Decision Making
PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, USA (2011)
Home Town: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 267041
EMail: varun
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Yvonne Dittrich

Adjunct Professor
PhD from University of Hamburg (1997)
Home Town: Copenhagen, Denmark
EMail: ydi
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