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Call for Proposal

Deadline: 15th June 2022 Extended till 30th June, 2022

IIT Mandi iHub and HCI Foundation at Indian Institute of Technology Mandi under Department of Science and Technology (DST)’s NM-ICPS is inviting research proposals in human-computer interaction (HCI) areas through which financial support is provided to eligible investigators/ institutions for carrying out research activities related to emerging areas of Human-Computer Interaction. The iHub is going to perform several activities including research and technology development, large-scale skill development, incubation and acceleration of start-ups, and collaborations with industry and academic institutions.

Proposal Call

IIT Mandi iHub and HCI Foundation at Indian Institute of Technology Mandi under Technology Innovation Hub (iHub) of National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NMICPS) is inviting project proposals for the multi-disciplinary program on Cognitive Enhancement, EEG/BCI based interactive technologies, and neurofeedback, Multisensory. Proposals are requested to follow the below-mentioned defined problems. A critical aspect is that the project proposals should formulate methodologies (above TRL 5)

  • Please ensure that proposals have a strong translational component that will result in products, patents, or start-ups.
  • All proposals and output will be governed by the IP Policy of iHub.
  • Typical proposals are expected to have a one-year timeframe with exceptional proposals given up to two years’ time frame.
  • Proposals would be encouraged to convert these proposals into start-ups.

  • Domain: Cognitive Enhancement

  • Development of applications for yoga and other Indian knowledge system practices for improving mental health or cognition.
  • Development of HCI-enabled portable devices to quantify/handle cognitive impairments.
  • Development of software for a virtual surgery training system, make corresponding plans for the actual surgery and practice before the surgery. The system may make more accurate pre-measurements and estimates and predict the complexity of the operation.
  • Development of applications via wearable devices and/or AR/VR apps for human posture improvements.
  • Development of wearable devices for mental health monitoring or cognitive enhancement.

  • Domain: EEG/BCI-based interactive technologies and neurofeedback

  • Development of EEG-based neurofeedback applications for improvements to mental health, restorative rehabilitation including Indian knowledge system-based interventions
  • Development of applications for de-addiction by using BCI technologies /tDCS/ yoga/other art forms.
  • Development of methods/tools to identify mental issues (anxiety, depression, etc.).
  • Development of personalized prosthetics, rehabilitation, teleoperation, and exoskeletons. Mobility solutions for aging/ailing population.
  • Human stroke classification and prevention techniques.
  • Development of device and tool for BCI/EEG based lie detector.
  • Development of education technology solutions incorporating neurofeedback.

  • Domain: Multisensory

  • Digital Nose- Development of sensors, hardware, software, AI/ML to detect, identify, and classify smells.
  • Digital Smell - Development of sensors, hardware, software, AI/ML to recreate smells from their digital patterns.
  • Digital Tongue - Development of sensors, hardware, software, AI/ML to detect, identify, and classify taste.
  • Digital Taste- Development of sensors, hardware, software, AI/ML to recreate taste from their digital patterns.
  • Heart Rate Variability monitors - Development of wearable sensors, hardware, software, AI/ML to monitor heart rate variability with applications in Indian knowledge system and modern medicine.
  • Biosensors and applications for detecting, monitoring diseases like diabetes.

  • Project Duration:

    The project shall be for two years duration

    Guidelines to submit proposal (Click Here)

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    Steps to follow for submission of the proposal:

  • Link to submit the proposal: https://forms.gle/TjPsdpGgtgDhWMFN7
  • Incomplete proposals are liable for rejection
  • For any further information, please contact:

    E-mail: cfp@ihubiitmandi.in