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The Only IIT in the Himalayas

Founded in 2009, IIT Mandi is one among the new IITs. IIT Mandi is the only IIT located in the foothills of the Himalayas. In January 2010, Prof. Timothy A. Gonsalves was appointed as the first full-time Director of the Institute. IIT Mandi has established itself in its main campus at Kamand as a world-class technology institution.


IIT Mandi's vision is to be leader in science and technology education, knowledge creation and innovation, in an India marching towards a just, inclusive and sustainable society.

At IIT Mandi a team of inspired faculty and students are striving to realize these ideals:

  • Spearheading cutting edge research and development in solution-oriented technologies needed by people of the region, the country and the world.
  • To achieve excellence and high impact locally and globally by strongly supporting inter-disciplinary R&D; the faculty are establishing collaborations with industry and research groups in India and abroad.
  • Imparting a project-oriented education to students with a view to innovating sustainable technologies for widespread use.
  • By a commitment to work closely with and for industry. This includes an innovative design-oriented curriculum that exposes students to real-world projects throughout, collaborative R&D to solve problems of industry, advanced degrees for working professionals, and continuing education for industry.

The Schools

To encourage synergistic mingling of minds, faculty are organised in broad multi-disciplinary Schools. The offices and labs of the different Schools are co-located, and also sometimes overlapping. While some faculty work in pure research, others work on applied research in collaboration with industry. IIT Mandi has a strategic focus on partnerships with like-minded Institutions and Industries in India and abroad.

The School of Computing and Electrical Engineering is interested in delving into the underlying fundamental principles of information theory, theory of computation, communication theory, quantum mechanics and the laws of electromagnetism. It applies these to pressing needs of society, through initiatives such as ICT for Sustainable Development, and Green and Renewable Energy Technologies.

The School of Engineering covers tangible physical structures and artefacts such as transport vehicles, transport systems, machines, materials, manufacturing, processes, designs, etc.

The School of Basic Sciences includes mathematics, physics, chemistry and life sciences. Faculty are involved in theoretical and experimental research. They work closely with their engineering colleagues on R&D projects.

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences: The emphasis on innovation and relevance to society highlights the importance of this School. Along with the goal to train the Engineering students, the School aims at conducting advanced research on Language, Literature, Cultural Studies, Psychology, Economics,Management, Policy Studies, etc.


  • There are 621 B.Tech., 135 M.Sc, 167 M.Tech, 12 M.A, 16 I-PhD, 48 M.S.(By Research) and 291 PhD students/scholars in the 4 Schools of IIT Mandi.
  • 99 faculty members (both experienced and young) bring a potent blend of experience and exuberance.

Research Interests of Faculty

Note: Italics indicates mentor faculty from another IIT -->
NameAreas of Interest
School of Basic Sciences
Dr. Prosenjit Mondalolecular Endocrinology and Metabolism
Dr. Pradyuman K PathakQuantum Optics,Quantum Information and Nanophotonics
Dr. Pradeep KumarRaman and Infrared Spectroscopy
Dr. Prasanth P. JoseSoft condensed matter physics mainly in studies of: bio-molecules, polymers, liquid crystals & granular materials, computational modelling of collective response functions & phase transition in these systems
Dr. Suman Kalyan PalPhotophysical behaviours of organic molecules and inorganic nanomaterials with the aim to develop materials for light emitting diodes, charge formation & recombination mechanisms in organic photovoltaic materials using advanced laser spectroscopy
Dr. Bindu RadhamanyElectronic structure & crystal sturctural properties of strongly correlated electron systems using photoemission, diffraction and X-ray absorption spectroscopic techniques
Dr. Hari VarmaPhotoionization studies of atoms, to undestand the nature of electron-electron correlation, to study the effect of relativistic effects and the effect of external potential on energy levels and also on other photoionization
Dr. Manoj ThakurOperations research, Optimization, Soft computing, Machine learning, Computational Finance, Mathematical modelling of Eng. Problems
Dr. Nitu KumariNonlinear dynamics and chaos, mathematical modelling of population dynamics, Spatiotemporal dynamics of extended systems, Epidemiology, Patterns and Waves in Ecology, Ordinary and Partial differential equations
Dr. Syed AbbasAlmost Periodic Solutions, Monotone Operator Theory, Functional Differential Equations, Stochastic Modeling, Method of Time Discretization & Applications
Dr. Sarita Azad Statistical Time Series Analysis
Dr. Pradeep ParameswaranDevelopment of Organic/Inorganic hybrid materials towards Catalytic and material application
Dr. P. C. RavikumarTotal Synthesis of Natural products, New Synthetic Methodology development, Design and Synthesis of new assymetric ligands
Dr. Chayan K. NandiCharacterization of DNA based metal nanoparticles for biomolecular sensors and Real time protien folding dynamics using smFRET
Dr. Rajendra K. RayComputational Fluid Dynamics,Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations,Two-phase Modeling and Sediment Transport, Stochastic Differential Algebraic Equations.
Dr. Pradyumna Kumar Pathak Quantum Optics, Quantum information, Nanophotonics and Mesoscopic physics
Dr. A. ChakrabortyTheoretical dynamics of highly excited molecules
Dr. Prem Felix SirilPolymer and noble metal nanostructures, Nanocrystallisation of simple organic compounds, High energetic materials, Heterogeneous catalysis, Thermal analysis and gas absorption calorimetry.
Dr. Subrata GoshOrganic synthesis, asymmetric catalysis, medicinal chemistry, applied chemistry, New synthetic methodology
Dr. Aditi Halder Nanomaterials for the application of renewable energy
Dr. Ajay Soni Nanomaterials and Experimental Condense Matter Physics
Dr. Amit Jaiswal Nanobiotechnology
Dr. Amit Prasad Immunology/Microbiology
Dr. Arghya Taraphder Condensed Matter Physics
Dr. Arti KashyapMagnetism and magnetic materials
Dr. C. S. Yadav Low Temperature Physics
Dr. Chayan K. NandiPhysical Chemistry
Dr. Kalpesh HariaOperator Theory
Dr. Kaustav MukherjeeExperimental Condensed Matter Physics
Dr. Muslim Malik Differential Equations
Dr. Qaiser Jahan Harmonic and wavelength analysis
Dr. Rajanish Giri Biophysics and protein folding, Intrinsically Disordered Proteins, T Cell Engineering, Protein Engineering
Dr. Shyam Kumar Masakapalli Metabolic Systems Biology
Dr. Tulika Srivastava Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Metagenomics,
Dr. Venkata Krishnan Materials Chemistry, X-ray Science

School of Engineering
Dr. Vishal Singh Chauhan Design Engg.,Electromagnetic Radiation during Deformation of metals and alloys, Solid Mechanics, FEM
Dr. Rajeev KumarSolid Mechanics, Vibration, Smart material/Structure Finite Element Method, Modeling & Control, Optimization (Genetic Algorithms)
Dr. Atul Dhar Alternative Fuels, IC Engines
Dr. Arpan GuptaAcoustics, Vibration, Bio-mechanics
Dr. Ajit P. AnnachhatreEnvironmental Engineering
Dr. P. Anil Kishan Computational Fluid Dynamics
Dr. Deepak Swami Groundwater and Water Resources
Dr. Dericks P ShuklaRemote Sensing, GIS,
Dr. Rahul VaishGlasses & Glass-ceramics
Dr. Gaurav Bhutani Fluid and thermal sciences
Dr. Sudhir Kumar Pandey Condensed Matter Physics and Material Sciences.
Dr. Himanshu PathakComputational Solid Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Functionally Graded Materials
Dr. Jaspreert Kaur Randhawa Drug Delivery System
Dr. Kasiviswanathan K S Water Resources Engineering
Dr. Maheshreddy Gade Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology
Dr. Mousumi Mukherjee Geotechnical Engineering
Dr. Parmod KumarThermal Engineering
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Fluid & Thermal Science
Dr. Parmod KumarThermal Engineering
Dr. Rajesh Ghosh Solid Mechanics, Biomechanics
Dr. Rajneesh SharmaStructures, Mechanics and Design
Dr. Rik Rani Koner Hybrid Materials
Dr. Sandip SahaEarthquake Engineering
Prof. Satish Chandra JainVibration, Noise,Tribology and Computer Aided Design
Dr. Satvasheel Powar Solar Energy
Dr. Kaustav SarkarStructural Engineering
Dr. Subhamoy SenStructura Engineering
Dr. Sumit Sinha RayFiltration and Separation, Energy Storage Materials, Nonwoven Methodologies
Dr. Sunny ZafarManufacturing Engineering
Dr. Mohammad Talha Computational Solid Mechanics, High Technology Materials and Structures
Dr. Kala Venkata UdayGeotechnical Engineering
Dr. Viswanath BalakrishnanNanomaterials

School of Computing and Electrical Engineering
Dr. Ankush Bag Semiconductor Devices, Epitaxy and Compound Semiconductors
Dr. Aditya Nigam Biometrics, Computer Vision, Image Processing
Dr. A. K. SaoMulti-modal biometrics, Image processing, Video programming, Pattern recognition
Dr. Arnav Bhavsar Image analysis, Computer vision
Dr. Arti Kashyap Magnetism and magnetic materials
Dr. Astrid Kiehn Distributed Algorithms, Verification, Theoretical Computer Science
Prof. B. D. Chaudhary Software Technology
Dr. Bhakti Madhav Joshi AC drives and control
Dr. Bharat Singh RajpurohitPower Electronics Application to Power Systems
Dileep A. DPattern Recognition, Kernel Methods for Pattern Analysis, Machine Learning, Speech Technology, Computer Vision
Dr. Gopi Shrikanth ReddyAntennas and Wave Propagation, RF and Microwave Passive component Design
Dr. Hitesh Shrimali Analog and Mixed signal VLSI design, analog-to-digital converters and design of radiation hard circuits (space application)
Dr. Kunal Ghosh Solar Photovoltaics
Dr. Narsa Reddy Tummuru Hybrid Energy Storage Applications in Future Microgrids, Efficient Power Electronic Interfaces in Renewable Energy Applications and Smartgrid Communication Networks
Dr. Padmanabhan Rajan Speech processing, speaker recognition
Dr. Rahul Shrestha VLSI Design and Circuits & Systems for Signal Processing and Wireless Communication.
Dr. Rajan Kapur Renewable Energy, Industrial Electronics, Head Mounted Displays
Dr. Renu M. Rameshan Image Processing
Dr. Samar Agnihotri Information Theory, Wireless Communications
Dr. Satinder Sharma Nanoelectronics,Sensors,Photovoltaic & self assembly
Dr. Satyajit ThakorCommunication Theory, Information Theory, Network Coding
Dr. Shubhajit Roy Chowdhury Biomedical Embedded Systems, Non invasive diagnostic systems, Near Infrared Spectroscopy, VLSI Architectures
Dr. Siddhartha Sarma Resource allocation in Wireless Networks, Wireless Energy Harvesting and Crowd sensing
Dr. Srikant Srinivasan Big-Data acquisition and analysis, Nanoelectronics, Spintronics
Dr. Sriram Kailasam Distributed Systems (Cloud Computing)
Dr. Timothy A. GonsalvesComputer networks and distributed software systems
Dr. Tushar JainControl theory, fault tolerant control, industrial process control
Dr. Varun Dutt Artificial Intelligence, Judgment and Decision Making, Environmental Decision Making

School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Aruna Bommareddi Comparative Literature, Indian Literatures in English
Dr. Manu V. Devadevan Literary practices in South Asia, Political and economic processes in premodern South Asia & South Asian Epigraphy
Dr. Rajeshwari Dutt Latin America, Social and Cultural History, Indigenous studies
Dr. Varun DuttArtificial Intelligence, Judgment and Decision Making, Environmental Decision Making
Dr. Devika Sethi Modern Indian History, Colonialism and Decolonization, Free Speech and Censorship
Dr. Puran Singh Corporate Finance, Microfinance
Dr. Suman Colonialism, Postcolonialism, Imperialism and Romance Literature
Dr. Ramna Development Economics
Dr. Shyamasree Dasgupta Energy and Environmental Economics, Economics of Climate Change, Applied Econometrics
Dr. Surya Prakash Upadhyay Sociology of Religion, Urban Sociology, Post-Reform India

Publications and Projects

Transit Campus

The transit campus of IIT Mandi is situated at Mandav Complex above Mandi bus stand in Mandi town.

Permanent Campus

The Institute completely shifted its B. Tech. students from its Mandi transit campus to its permanent campus at Kamand on 23rd April 2015.

Prof. Laxmidhar Behera
Indian Institute of Technology Mandi
Kamand Campus, VPO Kamand, Mandi - 175075
Himachal Pradesh, India
Phone : 01905-267001