Part-Time M.S. andPh.D. ADMISSIONS
  • Part-Time M.S. and Ph.D. ADMISSIONS

    For College/University Faculty members from Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir only

    IIT Mandi provides an opportunity for college/university Faculty members to earn a research degree (M.S. or Ph.D.) on part- time basis while continuing to work in their respective college/university The list of disciplines are Computer Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Material Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Humanities and Social sciences.

    During the initial 1-2 semesters, admitted M.S. and Ph.D. Faculty members will be expected to attend courses (15 credits for M.S. and 12 credits for Ph.D.) for 3-12 hours per week at Mandi. For the duration of your M.S. or Ph.D. programme, you will be expected to visit Mandi regularly for interaction with your guide and other research scholars and use of research facilities. There is a minimum residential requirement of one semester full-time at IIT Mandi at a time to be decided in discussion with your guide. Apart from this residential period, you are free to continue your teaching and other responsibilities in your respective college/university.


    Please visit M.S./Ph.D. Admissions

    Note:- The candidates must have 2 yrs of teaching experience and GATE/UGC/CSIR NET is waived for those with 5 years of teaching experience. .

    Application Process

    • Identify potential thesis guides at IIT Mandi. Written consent of the prospective guide is compulsorily to be obtained before applying. No application will be entertained/processed without it.. For the research interests of the faculty member, please visit LINK.
    • Contact Faculty members in your area of interest, discuss your proposed research and write up a brief research proposal. Research Proposal should be of 2-5 pages in length and include references to the current literature. Preparing a good proposal will require reading of some research papers.
    • Submit your application for the Part Time Admission (Himachal and Jammu and Kashmir Faculty members only). You must include the research proposal and a certificate of sponsorship from your parent College/University.
    • Click here to download application form in (doc), (pdf) format.
    • Periodically, we will conduct interviews/written test. You may be examined on your research proposal and your knowledge of the discipline.

    The correspondence address for applications received by post is:

    The Chair Person
    School Applied for ......
    Academic Block
    Indian Institute of Technology Mandi,
    Himachal Pradesh, India

    Note: Please mark “Part-time M.S./Ph.D. Application” and "School Applied for (SBS....or....SCEE....or....SHSS....or....SE)" on the envelope.

    For any further clarifications regarding application process, the applicants are requested to contact concerned School.