Academic Facilities


library Library: IT Mandi has a Central Library currently houses over 41,868 books and provides access to more than 50000 e-journals. The Library also has a very good collection of AV materials, such as CDs and DVDs. Library operations are automated using the KOHA LMS.Library Website
amrc AMRC: Advanced Materials Research Centre (AMRC) is a multi-disciplinary hub for research facilities at IIT Mandi with a mission to foster basic and applied research in the area of advanced materials dealing with synthesis of new materials, processing, structural, microstructural, thermal, optical and electrical characterizations at various length scales. AMRC represents materials focused research in the areas of energy, environment, electronics, magnetism, organic displays, solar cells, drug delivery, nanotechnology etc with participation of faculty members from physics, chemistry, biology and engineering disciplines AMRC Website
nkn NKN : NKN (National Knowledge Network) is an electronic classroom. It is used to digitally connect all national universities, colleges and research establishments to create country-wide virtual classrooms. NKN Website
workshop Workshop: A well-equipped Central Workshop with CNC lathe, CNC milling, rapid prototyping machine and conventional machining, welding and foundry equipment caters to the requirements of undergraduate labs, projects and various research activities.
pclab Computing: The institute has a High Performance computational facility with 39 nodes based on Intel Xeon processors that have total 404 processor cores, memory of 1.3 TB and 63 TB storage space.
IIT Mandi has four sophisticated interactive virtual class rooms.
lab3 Labs: Electrical and electronics, Mechanical Design, Thermo-fluids, Physics, BioX, Nanotechnology, Photoresist, Chemistry and Computer Sciences labs have been developed according to the requirements of the curriculums. All the labs are equipped with instruments, which are useful for both teaching and research purposes.


hospital Medical: IIT Mandi has a medical unit consisting of female and male doctors, staff nurses and pharmacist in both the North and South campuses. The medical unit is also equipped with an Ambulance on call round-the-clock. Modern healthcare facilities are available in Mandi town with a number of government and private hospitals. MedicalUnit Website
housing Accommodation: There are several girls and boys hostels, which house the undergraduate, postgraduate students and research scholars in both South and North campuses. Faculty quarters are available for all faculty members. There are faculty and staff quarters to accomodate faculties and staffs. There are also studio apartments and guest houses for visitors. The campus is a fully residential complex for students, faculty, staff and visitors. Some quarters are under construction for project staffs.
bank Banks and ATM: There are two banks with their ATM facilities (State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank) in the main campus.
store Stores: A provision, a grocery and a stationary store in the South Campus and A provision and grocery store in North Campus are functioning.
dining In-campus Dining: 2 central mess in South Campus and 2 central mess in North Campus (for hot meals throughout the year), Bakery, Canteen and 2 cafeterias are the places available for dining in the main campus.
school School & Day Care for Children: The Mindtree - IIT Mandi Campus school has started functioning at the Salgi Campus of IIT Mandi. Visit School Page .
Daycare facility for the children of students, faculty and staff. There are two day cares,for South campus and North campus.DayCare Internal Website
sports Sports: Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball, Soccer, Hockey, Football, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis and Cycling are few sports being practiced in the main campus. Activities like Hiking and Trekking are encouraged under guidance.
other Other amenities: BookNook - the recreational library at IIT Mandi, is an initiative by Dr. Priscilla Gonsalves and Dr. Shweta Rao to facilitate good reading habits in the Campus residents. BookNook Internal Website.

Other amenities in the main campus also include Gym, Aerobics and Yoga classes.