NSS unit IIT Mandi has taken a vital step by starting a 'literacy programme' for the children of migrant laborers working in the campus of IIT Kamand, Mandi on April 29th, 2014. This programme was inaugurated by Dr. Priscilla Gonsalves in the presence of NSS team and faculty members. Books, notebooks, stationary, cloths and footwear were distributed to those children. They are very enthusiastic and eager to learn. Although the focus of the programme is on promoting children’s literacy, the NSS unit will also take care of their nutritional requirements. It is decided by the NSS team that every day along with knowledge/awareness, nutritious food/fruits will also be served to these children.


NSS unit IIT Mandi has started a language learning programme for the members of the family of IIT Mandi. This program is focused on improving the listening, understanding, and speaking skills through the use of interactive mentoring. The program conducts two-hour session on each Friday. Twenty Two (22) students on an average attend the session. Some students who are proficient in English also attend the sessions for the benefit of their peers, so that they can use their skills to help their peers advance through the language barrier they had been into. The session is divided in to four parts, each is of half an hour length. The first hour is involved in introduction of five-ten minutes, on a particular topic. Topics vary from local to international, like: Current World Events, On Campus Events, mock interview, English movies with subtitles, simplistic enough to understand and offers enough to learn, TED Talks, Sports World, historical importance of their native places etc. See more


NSS Unit IIT Mandi decided to guide the students of Government school for various competitive examinations every year because they are not able to pay the tuition fees in the coaching institutions. With this spirit in mind the NSS Unit of the IIT Mandi started a teaching/guidance program for girl students of 10+1 of the Government schools of Mandi town. The teaching program was started on 23rd September 2013, and continued till 27th November, 2013 (for more than two months) for the year 2013. The teaching program has overseen strength of about 35 students. The students are being taught by many B.Tech students and a lot more research scholars also contributed to this program by covering some major topics. Some faculty members also took an active part in this program. The program covers all the topics of 10+1, Med. and Non-Med. It was different from the traditional teaching methods. These students have also been taught through power point presentation to make them aware about the new methods/ways of teaching and learning. See more