Branch Change

The guidelines for the change of UG branch are as below:
  1. To be considered for a branch change, the student will have to submit an application before the end of the second semester of her/his programme. The applicant will have to specify the choices, in order of preference, of the branch or branches that she/he seeks a change to.
  2. Branch change applications will be considered strictly in order of merit as established by the CGPA of first-year courses (excluding HSS elective) and only to the extent of the applicant’s choices and in the order of the preferences expressed in the application. If a seat opens up at any later stage in the process, it will be offered to the applicant with the highest CGPA by going back up the list.
  3. In granting the change of branch of a student, the strength of a class shall not exceed the sanctioned strength by more than 25% and shall not fall below the existing strength by more than 20%. (Any fraction will be rounded off to the nearest whole number).
  4. The student should have no backlog and should not have been found guilty of any severe academic or disciplinary misconduct.
  5. During the branch change process, if any tie arises from equal CGPA scores of students, they will be treated equally and will be jointly subject to condition (3) above.

To download the Application Form for Branch Change :

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